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Rolls-Royce unveils Arcadia, the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

An exquisite coachbuilt expression of tranquillity, the Arcadia Droptail is the epitome of quiet irreverence, celebrating purity of form and natural materials. Share

The Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail reflects the pinnacle of Rolls-Royce’s coachbuilding prowess, tailored to the unique sensibilities of its commissioner. Rooted in the idyllic concept of Arcadia—a mythical utopia of harmony and natural beauty—the Arcadia Droptail draws heavily from this narrative, aspiring to be a sanctuary on wheels.

Its design journey is a profound exploration of global design, sculpture, and architecture, drawing inspirations from the lush modernist tropical sky gardens of Southeast Asia to the organic and honest materials found in British ‘Biomimetic’ architecture. This eclectic blend of inspirations ensures that the Arcadia Droptail exemplify peace, purity, and retreat from the client’s bustling business life.

Rolls-Royce unveils Arcadia, the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

Externally, the Arcadia Droptail commands attention with its tranquil, natural duotone colourway, achieving an effervescent shimmer under natural light, inviting admiration and closer inspection. The design pays homage to its nautical inspirations through its bold, low stance and dramatic body lines, accentuated by sharp, angular ‘sail cowls’ that guide the viewer’s gaze towards the occupants. This detailed attention to the car’s exterior is a tribute to the form and proportions of the coachwork, highlighting Rolls-Royce’s mastery in creating vehicles that are visually captivating and timeless.

“The significance of Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail lies in its subtlety. It is a projection of an individual who values clarity and precision in all areas of their life – from their passion for fine cuisine, their highly curated personal and professional spaces and affinity with contemporary design. This motor car is one of the most faithful expressions of an individual’s personal style and sensibilities we have ever created within the Coachbuild department.” Alex Innes, Head of Coachbuild Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce unveils Arcadia, the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

Internally, the Arcadia Droptail reflects the client’s refined aesthetic preferences through its meticulously selected materials and colours. Central to the interior’s appeal is the use of Santos Straight Grain wood, chosen for its rich texture and intricate grain pattern. This selection was not without its challenges, given the wood’s delicate nature, yet its incorporation throughout the car’s interior—from the dashboard to the aerodynamically functional rear deck—exemplifies the marque’s commitment to craftsmanship and material integrity.

The bespoke nature of the Arcadia Droptail extends to its leather interior, finished in hues exclusive to the client, further personalizing the driving experience. This level of customization is a hallmark of Rolls-Royce’s coachbuilding process, allowing clients to imbue their vehicles with a sense of identity and personal style unmatched in the automotive world.

Rolls-Royce unveils Arcadia, the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

The Santos Straight Grain veneer fascia incorporates a clock conceived and developed by Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers and craftspeople. This expression of haute horlogerie is the most complex Rolls-Royce clock face ever created: the assembly alone was a five-month process, which was preceded by more than two years of development.

The clock incorporates an exquisite geometric guilloché pattern in raw metal with 119 facets. This is a symbolic nod to the marque’s heritage; as the client first saw a preview of the motor car in late 2023—the year when Rolls-Royce celebrated its 119-year anniversary. The specially designed clock face also includes partly polished, partly brushed hands and 12 ‘chaplets’ – or hour markers – each just 0.1mm thick. To ensure the readability of the timepiece, specialists gave each chaplet an infill bridge and painted them by hand using a camera capable of magnifying an image by up to 100x.

Rolls-Royce unveils Arcadia, the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

Beyond its aesthetic and material choices, the Arcadia Droptail is a technological marvel, equipped with a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V12 engine, ensuring that its performance is as impressive as its appearance. However, the essence of the Arcadia Droptail lies in its specifications and in its ability to embody the client’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, making it a unique piece in the realm of ultra-luxury vehicles.

The creation of the Arcadia Droptail is a close collaboration between the client and Rolls-Royce, a relationship that spans over four years of design and development. The involvement of the client’s family in the design process, particularly the input from the client’s daughter, underscores the personal significance of the Arcadia Droptail, making it a family heirloom that carries with it the stories, tastes, and sensibilities of its owner.

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