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Pit26 transforms the Mercedes-AMG G63 into a rugged overlanding pickup truck

Transforming the iconic G63 AMG into a formidable, ultra-luxurious overlanding vehicle, Pit26 Motorsports defines a new level of off-road indulgence and on-road panache. Share

Established as an industry leader in G-Wagen modifications, Pit26 Motorsports has exceeded expectations once again. Their latest masterpiece, an upgraded Mercedes-AMG G63, couples high-end luxury with rugged overlanding performance, tailored to satisfy the outdoor pursuits of its discerning clientele. Whether it’s traversing sandy beaches, venturing on camping escapades, or scaling rocky terrains, the Pit26 G63 proves to be an unyielding adventure rig, parading a perfect fusion of functionality and sophistication.

Pit26 transforms the Mercedes-AMG G63 into a rugged overlanding pickup truck

At first glance, Pit26’s knack for craftsmanship stands out. The customized G63 embraces an extensive redesign, beginning with a wheelbase stretched by almost 20 inches. This modification instills the vehicle with a prominent, muscular stance, captivating attention both on boulevards and off-road trails. Enhanced off-road proficiency comes from the inclusion of lifted portals and re-gearing, while the incorporation of Bilstein coilovers ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the terrain. Reinforcing this transformation, the G63 boasts 38×13.5R18 Toyo MT tires encased in striking 18-inch Innov8 Racing wheels.

Accommodating the desires of adventure enthusiasts, Pit26 has tactfully replaced the standard factory running boards with its bespoke full-tuck amp step system. This not only facilitates convenient ingress and egress in the lifted vehicle but also preserves the integrity of the original factory components. Other overlanding-focused modifications include larger wheel wells to fit the enhanced wheel and tire size, and a high-performance Magnaflow exhaust system. The latter not only reverberates an exhilarating engine soundtrack but also augments performance, promising exhilarating open-road drives.

Pit26 transforms the Mercedes-AMG G63 into a rugged overlanding pickup truck

Pit26 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring off-road safety and efficiency. The custom G63 benefits from a specialized front bumper and skid plate system designed to tackle challenging terrains, while a high-clearance rear bumper with swing-out capabilities adds a touch of versatility. An integrated Warn winch stands ready to aid in challenging situations, and careful trussing of the rear axle provides an extra layer of protection against potential undercarriage damage during adventurous excursions.

Custom features dictated by the client’s requirements are seamlessly integrated into the Pit26 G63. A roof rack engineered exclusively for this build is adorned with 12 KC Hi-Lite flex-era lights, casting powerful illumination for nighttime adventures. Storage is plentiful, with a top-grade Truck Vault installed alongside Pit26’s mounting system that holds a dual bike rack and a variety of outdoor tools. An IKamper Mini, attached via a custom roof rack adapter, facilitates comfortable sleeping arrangements under the stars. Additionally, a Line-X bedliner provides extra protection against everyday wear and tear.

Pit26 transforms the Mercedes-AMG G63 into a rugged overlanding pickup truck

Despite the exhaustive modifications, the Pit26 G63 retains the potent performance characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG G63. If required, the vehicle can be reverted back to its original factory conditions without compromising the integrated AMG interior package. This ensures the blend of luxury and ruggedness that the G63 is renowned for remains intact.

Pricing for these custom builds by Pit26 Motorsports starts at a robust $385,000, subject to the extent of customization. With each G-Wagen tailored to the preferences of the individual client, the final product is always a bespoke adventure vehicle that assures a truly personalized off-road experience. In its latest venture, Pit26 Motorsports confirms that even the most rugged off-road vehicles need not compromise on luxury and style.

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