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Lamborghini has unveiled a special edition of the Huracan STO

An exemplary Lamborghini Ad Personam Opera Unica celebrating 10 years of Squadra Corse with an SC63-inspired livery and an original performance kit. Share

Lamborghini marks a decade of Squadra Corse, its esteemed motorsport division, with the unveiling of the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario at the 2023 World Finals. This road-legal vehicle, a Lamborghini Ad Personam Opera Unica, celebrates the fusion of Lamborghini’s road range with its motorsport heritage. It features a performance kit designed to elevate its track capabilities, showcasing a decade of expertise from Squadra Corse engineers.

The Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario draws design inspiration from the Lamborghini SC63, the brand’s hybrid prototype for the Hypercar/GTP class set to compete in prestigious endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2024.

Lamborghini has unveiled a special edition of the Huracan STO

Its striking two-tone livery in Verde Mantis (green) and Nero Noctis (black) is accentuated by a tricolor band stretching across the “cofango” and roof, embodying the spirit of Lamborghini’s racing ambitions. The “Squadra Corse 10° Anniversario” logo, signifying Lamborghini’s motorsport success including three GTD class wins at the 24 Hours at Daytona, adorns both doors and the rear fin, which extends from the airscoop across the rear hood.

“The Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is not only a tribute to our racing division Squadra Corse,” commented Rouven Mohr, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, “but a concrete demonstration of how experience gained in motorsport can be effectively transferred to the road product, enhancing performance and driving pleasure. We firmly believe that motorsport is the most technically sophisticated and challenging test bed, and Squadra Corse’s know-how is a valuable asset that deserves to be highlighted on unique models and limited road series with a racing vocation.”

Lamborghini has unveiled a special edition of the Huracan STO

Further enhancing its racing aesthetic, the car sports a full carbon fibre package highlighted by a Rosso Mars (red) stripe enveloping the bodywork. The interior is track-focused, with sport seats in Nero Ade (black) Alcantara and Verde Fauns (green) stitching, equipped with four-point seat belts. Safety is bolstered by an aluminium roll bar, while the interior’s racing feel is completed with a carbon fibre floor and an exclusive carbon fibre plaque on the rear firewall, certifying the car’s uniqueness.

In terms of performance, the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario showcases significant enhancements. Aerodynamics have been optimized with new front carbon fibre flicks on the bonnet and a rear wing set at a higher angle than the production model, increasing downforce at both front and rear. The car’s mechanical grip is notably improved with a set of four racing-derived, four-way adjustable shock absorbers, replacing the standard active components.

Lamborghini has unveiled a special edition of the Huracan STO

For track performance, the Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is equipped with specially developed tires from Bridgestone, featuring a new compound for optimal performance and durability. Complementing the car’s enhancements is the Akrapovic titanium exhaust, amplifying the iconic sound of the V10 engine from Sant’Agata Bolognese across all frequencies. This model not only represents a milestone for Lamborghini but also stands as a testament to the brand’s continuous innovation in blending road and race car technologies.

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