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Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier is a new era in automotive engineering

Koenigsegg's introduction of the Client Specification version of the Gemera surpasses its previous feats, integrating advanced engineering solutions like the Light Speed Transmission (LST) and "Dark Matter" E-motor. Share

The Koenigsegg Campus, nestled in Ängelholm, Sweden, is home to a grand architectural marvel—the Gripen Atelier. This expansive facility, spanning a staggering 11,000 m², is the core of Koenigsegg’s innovation and production prowess. It is here that Koenigsegg has been cultivating the path-breaking Gemera program alongside its established two-seater lineup.

The Gemera, a revolutionary model in the automotive landscape, is the world’s first four-seater Megacar, a title earned by its formidable power exceeding 1 megawatt. However, in the Client Specification version, Koenigsegg has progressed beyond this considerable achievement with a series of pioneering advancements.

Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier is a new era in automotive engineering

Koenigsegg initially planned to incorporate the company’s Direct Drive system into the Gemera, a feature originally showcased in the 2020 Gemera show car and the first running prototypes. This system, which was triumphantly executed in the Regera program, presented a harmonious amalgamation of power, efficiency, and drivability.

In an unexpected twist of engineering brilliance during the development phase, Koenigsegg introduced the Light Speed Transmission (LST) in the highly esteemed Jesko model. This system, which effectively eliminates the need for a flywheel and clutch, substantially enhances the driver’s experience and vehicular performance.

Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier is a new era in automotive engineering

Accompanying this revolutionary transmission system is the groundbreaking “Dark Matter” E-motor developed by the R&D team. This patent-pending Raxial Flux E-motor, producing 800 horsepower and 1250 Nm of torque, signifies an evolutionary leap in electric propulsion. This combination results in a significantly more compact and lighter drivetrain, which delivers enhanced engagement.

The challenge of designing a transmission system that accommodates a four-seater arrangement, a mid-engine layout, and electric propulsion, all while offering nine gears, torque vectoring, and four-wheel drive at an unprecedented low weight, required considerable ingenuity and innovation.

Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier is a new era in automotive engineering

In the spring of 2020, Koenigsegg introduced the world to the astounding Gemera concept. Now, the Client Specification Gemera and the Gripen Atelier, its birthplace, are being unveiled at the Koenigsegg Campus in Ängelholm, Sweden.

But the revelation doesn’t end here. The introduction of the Koenigsegg Gemera HV8 (Hot V8) version pushes the boundaries of what was previously believed possible in the realm of Megacars. The HV8 transcends the conventional parameters of Hypercars or Megacars and propels the industry standard to an unprecedented level. With the newly designed LSTT, a mid-engined V8 configuration, formerly deemed improbable due to the Gemera’s generous occupant space, is now achievable.

Koenigsegg’s Gripen Atelier is a new era in automotive engineering

To facilitate this, the Jesko V8 was transformed into a Hot V8, where the exhaust exits at the top centre of the vehicle. This reconfiguration results in a car that combines the unique sound, responsiveness, and power of the Jesko V8 with the remarkable engineering of the Gemera.

The new engine configuration empowers the Gemera with a mind-boggling 1500 horsepower from the HV8 and an additional 800 horsepower provided by the Dark Matter E-motor. This brings the total output to a world-record-shattering 2,300 horsepower and 2,750 Nm of torque. Production of the Gemera will commence at the end of 2024 in the Gripen Atelier, with the first set of customer deliveries expected in early 2025.

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