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Heritage Customs reinvents the Defender 90 Convertible

The Sunbeam Yellow Valiance Convertible from Heritage Customs marries rugged luxury with dynamic style, reimagining the iconic Land Rover Defender 90 into a bespoke, coach-built masterpiece. Share

Heritage Customs, a name synonymous with bespoke automotive artistry, has recently unveiled its second iteration of the Valiance Convertible, a coach-built marvel based on the Land Rover Defender 90. The first Valiance Convertible introduced eight months prior, set a high bar in the realm of luxury conversions. The latest model, however, elevates this legacy with its eye-catching Sunbeam Yellow paint, an unusual yet striking choice for an off-roader like the Defender. This bold hue, in combination with black details such as the front and rear bumpers, rocker panels, and an electronically folding fabric roof, creates a visually captivating two-tone design. Adding to its allure, a hidden black roll cage reinforces strength and safety without compromising aesthetics.

Heritage Customs reinvents the Defender 90 Convertible

The transformation extends beyond the exterior. Inside, the Valiance Convertible boasts an exquisite black quilted leather interior, with yellow contrast stitching that adds a dynamic and sporty flair. This design choice draws inspiration from the classic era of open-top motoring, blending timeless luxury with a modern twist. The dashboard is adorned with 3D etched aluminium inlays, reminiscent of old open-top cars’ facias, providing both a visual feast and a tactile experience to the driver.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the cabin, from the black leather-clad steering wheel and door panels to the unique patterns on the leather seats, complemented by embroidered HERITAGE CUSTOMS script on the backrests. The Heritage Customs shield embossed on the headrests adds an exclusive touch to each convertible, making it a true work of automotive art.

Heritage Customs reinvents the Defender 90 Convertible

This coachbuilt convertible is not just about looks. The Sunbeam Yellow Valiance Convertible is built to exact customer specifications, reflecting Heritage Customs’ commitment to bespoke craftsmanship. The vehicle maintains the Land Rover Defender’s iconic design DNA, enhanced with Magic Metal exterior and interior options, forged wheels, and unique leather trim patterns. Optional in-house designed sports seats are available for those seeking an even more personalized experience.

The conversion process is meticulous, with each vehicle taking at least three months to complete. While powertrain modifications are not included in this price and remain in factory specification as chosen by the customer, the sheer exclusivity and craftsmanship justify the cost.

Heritage Customs reinvents the Defender 90 Convertible

For Range Rover and Land Rover enthusiasts, the Sunbeam Yellow Valiance Convertible represents a unique blend of style and ruggedness, capturing the essence of the Defender 90’s evolution over the years. Its convertible design and vibrant aesthetics make it an excellent choice for beach driving, a market segment yet to be fully tapped by Land Rover. It’s not surprising that Heritage Customs co-owner, Niels van Roij, notes that the convertible “embraces the 90 bodystyle and the history of this motor car in its previous generation, with the charming soft-top.”

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