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Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is a striking statement of inclusion and belonging

With Stephen Wiltshire MBE's impeccable cityscape renditions, this Bentayga Hybrid is a canvas echoing stories from across the world. Share

In a world continually drawn to uniformity, Bentley Motors once again demonstrates its forward-thinking ethos by launching the ‘Belonging Bentayga’. This hand-painted marvel, saturated in the rich hue of Alpine Green, harmoniously marries art, culture, and cutting-edge automobile design.

From the bustling alleys of Hong Kong to the historic streets of Rome, this Bentley Bentayga Hybrid takes you on a transcendental journey across continents, showcasing the world’s most iconic skylines. And with each brushstroke, the art piece paints a story that speaks to the hearts of 29 cities, all intricately conceptualized by the legendary Stephen Wiltshire MBE. Known for his prodigious memory that lets him recreate intricate cityscapes after a single glance, Wiltshire brings an extraordinary vision to this Bentley, turning it into a canvas that evokes awe and wonder.

Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is a striking statement of inclusion and belonging

This groundbreaking endeavour marks the first instance of such hand-painted grandeur being brought to life at Bentley’s Crewe factory. Each silhouette, from towering skyscrapers to quaint cafes, each figure representing different nationalities, tells us a story of unity and shared humanity.

“We’re delighted that Stephen has agreed to collaborate with us to create the ‘Belonging Bentayga’,” said Wayne Bruce, Chief Communications and D&I Officer. “This remarkable car celebrates Bentley craftsmanship and Stephen’s unique artistic genius. It’s also a key element in our Beyond100 strategy, which includes our industry-leading, five-step diversity and inclusion plan.”

Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is a striking statement of inclusion and belonging

Stephen Wiltshire’s journey, from his challenges with autism to communicating through his artistic expressions, mirrors Bentley’s journey of pushing through barriers and constantly evolving. Drawing parallels between his art and Bentley’s mission with the Belonging Bentayga, Wiltshire remarks, “Both speak the language of memories, journeys, and connections. This project tested my abilities, but it’s in these challenges that we find our true strengths.”

Wiltshire’s innate ability to translate complex architecture into art speaks to his life in London and his West Indian heritage. His story, from drawing animals as a child to his globally recognized cityscapes, is nothing short of inspirational.

Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is a striking statement of inclusion and belonging

Last year, Bentley Motors took a significant step, realizing the essence of diversity. Their five-pronged strategy aimed at outreach, recruitment, culture, and more, stands as a pillar for future endeavors. This was further accentuated with the release of the Unifying Spur, conceptualized by Bentley’s designer and artist, Rich Morris. Drawing inspiration from the ‘Progress Flag’, Morris designed this automotive wonder to resonate with a single, powerful sentiment: “Love is Love”.

Belonging is an ode to the rich tapestry of our diverse world, a testament to Bentley’s commitment to inclusivity, and a celebration of the artistry of Stephen Wiltshire. As the world gazes at this masterpiece on wheels, one can’t help but marvel at the union of art, luxury, and the spirit of unity. In a world striving for belonging, the Belonging Bentayga assures us that the journey, especially if taken in a Bentley, is just as beautiful as the destination.

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