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Monaco Yacht Show, 25 – 28 September 2019, Port Hercules

A bespoke-made show for the new era of superyacht customers, attracting over 125 superyachts of which around 42 are new launches making their worldwide debut. Share

It really is hard to overestimate the importance and prestige of MYS as a barometer that procedures the condition of the top yacht industry. When business is booming, there is a remarkable vibe among the yacht agents and builders walking the dock. However in a sector still adapting to the aspirations of younger buyers and charterers, there is no room for complacency. Being a proactive industry player, MYS is embracing change by implementing clear strategies that intentionally target the rising superyacht clientele.

Already filled to capacity each year and occupying much of Port Hercules, there is certainly little if any opportunity for physical growth in Monaco. Instead, the show organisers are focusing on providing the best platform for business and the most effective solutions for exhibitors to liaise with clients. One area of improvement, for example, has been optimising the design into thematic areas to provide more fluid circulation throughout the quays and tents, and invite visitors to concentrate on their own areas of interest.

Since being introduced to the MYS agenda in 2016, the annual Monaco Yacht Summit immediately prior to the show has become a key event for clients and their advisors looking to enter or better understand the world of yachting. Attended by qualified representatives, family offices and private investors, the Summit includes a series of informative panel conversations with acknowledged experts from across the superyacht industry.

Monaco Yacht Show, 25 – 28 September 2019, Port Hercules
Photo: Courtesy of MYS
Car Deck

Luxury cars go hand in hand with luxury yachting and the Car Deck exhibition of prestige and one-off automobiles, some of which are available for test drives by prospective clients, has been a big hit with VIP visitors regardless of age for the last four years. It is set alongside the Tenders & Toys area to offer a complete superyacht lifestyle environment in a single glamorous location.

Tenders & Toys exhibition

By providing access to secluded bays, transits between the mother ship and dry land, or simply an exciting high-speed ride, tenders give a younger clientele their first taste of the superyacht thrill. Moreover, the stable of water toys – from inflatables to electric surfboards and mini submarines – is always high on the list of priorities for sports-minded charter customers.

Monaco Yacht Show, 25 – 28 September 2019, Port Hercules
Photo: Courtesy of MYS
New Upper Deck Lounge on two floors

The Upper Deck Lounge will offer top-notch amenities on two floors to welcome the yachting clients and enhance their visit experience of the MYS. The show’s reception and catering area will welcome all visitors in a luxurious environment furnished by the MYS top-of-the-range partners: the ground floor is dedicated to luxury exhibitors, a bar with an outdoor terrace, while the first floor will host the show restaurant and a VIP lounge with a panoramic view over Port Hercules.

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