travel journalmiddle eastqataral ruwais Zulal Wellness Resort: an infusion of modernity and tradition set within the stunning Qatari landscape Bordering the pure aquamarine shoreline of its private coastal setting, Zulal Wellness Resort achieves a harmonious synchronisation of tradition and innovation.
by Ellie Loxton

Chiva-Som’s breathtaking health resorts have already attained global acclaim. Located within the serene Thai landscape, Chiva-Som pioneer a wellness philosophy which fuses ancient Qatari culture with invention and up-to-the-minute facilities. Set to open in the second quarter of 2020, the remarkable splendour of Zulal Wellness Resort can only be expressed through a laudatory array of superlatives.

The resort – Chiva-Som’s first management contract since the opening of its flagship retreat in 1995 – looks to be Qatar’s largest wellness destination and the first full-immersion, holistically-inspired wellness resort in the Middle East. At 280,000 square metres, the impressive sweep of Zulal Resort is fully entrenched in its Khasooma panorama and offers guests an unparalleled wellness experience suffused with the tranquillity of its environment. What’s more, the resort will be the world’s first hub for Traditional Arabic Integrative Medicine (TAIM), a 360-degree approach to healing sourced from Islamic influences, medicinal herbology and reflective, mind-body therapy.

Zulal Wellness Resort: an infusion of modernity and tradition set within the stunning Qatari landscape
Water features create a relaxing atmosphere at Zulal Wellness Resort
Courtesy of Chiva-Som Press Release

Inclusivity is the encapsulation of Chiva-Som’s ethos, with Zulal Wellness Resort marking a widely anticipated new venture for the company. Founding an approach to wellbeing rooted in the organic values of family life, the retreat will open its state-of-the-art facilities to adults and children alike as it strives to introduce the next generation to world class wellness, healthy lifestyle ideas and pioneering new practises.

Parents and children can enjoy one of the 120 guestrooms and suites within Zulal’s bespoke Family Wellness Resort, which anticipates each and every need of the modern family and offers an innovative and expertly tailored range of interactive activities to help younger guests explore the resort’s unique wellness philosophies.

Individuals, couples and groups, meanwhile, can savour the neighbouring oasis of an adult-only retreat. Epitomising exquisite modern designs while embodying historic tradition, the resort creates a beautiful melange of new and old. Guests to both sites will also experience cutting-edge architecture delicately embedded in the life-infusing properties of water; ‘zulal’, indeed, is an allusion to purified water and is inspired by the locals’ historic trek to the ocean in their ever-present quest for sustenance.

Zulal Wellness Resort: an infusion of modernity and tradition set within the stunning Qatari landscape
Luxurious room at Zulal Wellness Resort
Courtesy of Chiva-Som Press Release

Pond features enhance Zulal’s beautiful walled gardens, with the soft echo of slow-trickling springs creating a soothing melody both within the resort’s interiors and its landscaped environs. The resort feels to respect the natural beauty of its setting, offering locally developed products in a sustainable approach to wellness.

Zulal Wellness Resort is a place of auspicious harmonies: young and old, natural and man-made, ritual and invention all unite in beautiful and considerately crafted unions. It is a sanctuary enriched by the creative spirit of fusion and, in reply, may become the perfect setting for travellers to rebalance and revitalise their own sense of wellbeing.

Ellie Loxton
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