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Umana Bali is Hilton’s new jewel on the shores of Ungasan

Perched atop Ungasan's dramatic cliffs, the resort merges cultural richness with modern luxury across its 72 private villas on Bali's renowned Melasti Beach. Share

Perched on the limestone cliffs of Ungasan in Bali, the Hilton’s latest gem, Umana Bali, represents a new pinnacle of luxury. The resort, part of Hilton’s LXR Hotels & Resorts and managed by PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk, is set to redefine Balinese luxury with its 72 villas designed to mirror the region’s iconic ‘uma’ or rice paddy fields. Positioned at the southernmost tip of Ungasan, Umana Bali offers a stunning vista of Melasti Beach, blending modern luxury with a deep connection to nature and culture.

Each villa promises privacy and luxury, with infinity-edge pools, outdoor hot tubs, and uninterrupted ocean views. Emphasizing Hilton’s commitment to sustainability and community, Umana Bali showcases artistry and craftsmanship with locally sourced materials like Javanese marble and rattan, along with eco-friendly amenities.

The resort’s design, crafted by WATG and Wimberly Interiors, pays homage to Bali’s rich heritage and artistry. Umana Bali’s interiors harmoniously blend divine, communal, and natural elements, reflected in contemporary sculptures and a striking chandelier inspired by the Legong Keraton dance.

Umana Bali is Hilton’s new jewel on the shores of Ungasan
Umana Bali is Hilton’s new jewel on the shores of Ungasan
Umana Bali is Hilton’s new jewel on the shores of Ungasan

Umana Bali offers a variety of dining experiences, showcasing Mediterranean flavours at Oliverra and Southeast Asian cuisine at Commune, both emphasizing locally sourced produce. Guests can enjoy cocktails at Pad Pool Bar and Mer Lounge, with the upcoming Uma Beach House set to add Peruvian flair in April 2024.

The Lohma Spa at Umana Bali offers a sanctuary for wellness, with treatments that combine ancient healing traditions and modern therapies. The spa also provides family-friendly activities like yoga and meditation, ensuring a holistic experience for all ages.

Umana Bali is Hilton’s new jewel on the shores of Ungasan

“The LXR brand’s dedication to intriguing design, a bespoke suite of highly personalized services, and a vibrant array of immersive experiences is illuminated at Umana Bali. Guests will be provided with a fresh perspective on the Bali way of life and unrivalled experiences befitting of the brand,” said Alexandra Jaritz, senior vice president, Brand Management of Asia Pacific, Hilton.

Umana Bali invites guests to immerse themselves in personalized experiences. From helicopter tours over Mount Batur to beachside BBQs and cultural activities like kite-making and cooking classes, the resort ensures a unique and memorable stay. Guests seeking spiritual enrichment can partake in purification ceremonies and connect with local priests and elders for a deeper understanding of Balinese culture. Umana Bali is now a proud member of the Hilton Honors program, adding to Hilton’s portfolio of exclusive resorts.

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