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Six Senses Vana is a serene wellness haven in the Himalayan foothills

Embracing the splendor of the Himalayas, Six Senses Vana redefines wellness and luxury, interweaving ancient practices, environmental consciousness, and modern comfort. Share

Six Senses Vana, situated in the picturesque Himalayan foothills in Dehradun, India, represents the epitome of serene wellness and luxury. Unveiled back in the autumn of 2022, this retreat has become an integral part of the Six Senses portfolio, a brand renowned for its distinctive approach to wellness and sustainable luxury.

Nestled within a sal-tree reserve, Six Senses Vana offers a range of accommodations, including the Vana Suite, which features a kitchenette, dining room, and sundeck with a plunge pool. The Forest Suite and other room options, such as the Bodhi Suite, Esteva Suite, and Garden Rooms, provide guests with a blend of comfort and elegance, all featuring views of the forest or gardens and equipped with amenities like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms​.

Six Senses Vana is a serene wellness haven in the Himalayan foothills

Sustainability is deeply embedded in the ethos of Six Senses Vana. The retreat’s commitment to the environment is evident in its LEED Platinum-certified buildings and sustainable sourcing practices. Guests are encouraged to engage in hands-on workshops at the Earth Lab, fostering a connection with the local environment and communities​.

Six Senses Vana is a serene wellness haven in the Himalayan foothills

Dining at Six Senses Vana is an integral part of the wellness experience, focusing on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients prepared with nutritional balance and flavour. The retreat houses two restaurants, Anayu and Salana. Anayu specializes in meals prepared according to Ayurvedic principles, while Salana offers a communal dining experience with a menu featuring a blend of Indian and international cuisine, including options for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters​.

The retreat’s core philosophy centres on personalized wellness. Guests begin their stay with a wellness consultation, shaping a tailored experience that includes daily wellness sessions. The focus is on ancient practices like Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, complemented by modern wellness approaches. The ‘Sleep With Six Senses’ program is designed to enhance sleep quality, while other offerings include biohacking treatments and spa therapies​.

Six Senses Vana is a serene wellness haven in the Himalayan foothills

Six Senses Vana offers a diverse range of activities, including yoga classes, meditation, music therapy, and fitness sessions. The retreat’s location within a sal tree reserve allows for nature walks, outdoor cinema screenings, and sustainability tours of the herb gardens. Cooking lessons and cultural experiences like visiting nearby nature reserves and museums further enrich guests’ stay​.

The retreat is located on Mussoorie Road in Dehradun, approximately a 60-minute drive from Jolly Grant Airport. Complimentary airport transfers are included for guests, and the retreat is also accessible via Dehradun Railway Station. For those driving, the roads offer scenic views with hairpin bends as one approaches Mussoorie​.

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