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Mamula Island is a hotel surrounded by the sea, with you at its heart

Mamula Island, Montenegro's transformed 19th-century fortress, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience, blending rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and sophisticated gastronomy. Share

Mamula Island, a glistening jewel in the Adriatic Sea, offers a unique getaway experience steeped in history and drenched in luxury. Unveiling the past while ushering in an era of sophistication, this tiny island boasts a remarkable transformation from a 19th-century fortress into a five-star hotel.

Settled at the entrance of the UNESCO-listed Bay of Kotor, the Mamula Island fortification stood sentinel over the bay for nearly two centuries. However, with an Egyptian businessman’s vision and the skilled expertise of MCM London and Berlin-based weStudio, the fortress now emerges as the epitome of luxury: Mamula Island Hotel. A destination with a distinct character, the hotel is a fusion of cultural heritage, historical riches, and natural beauty unparalleled in the region.

Mamula Island is a hotel surrounded by the sea, with you at its heart

The unique transformation that Mamula Island has undergone while preserving the site’s architectural authenticity and cultural heritage is nothing short of a feat. An austere fort built over 170 years ago by Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula morphed into an inviting retreat, while the hotel’s design delicately retains the echoes of history. The structure was revitalized with minimal interventions, blending the old and new harmoniously.

Tucked under the ancient stone arches, the hotel offers 26 rooms and 6 suites, some of which still flaunt the original decorative frescoes that took nine painstaking months to restore. Admire the tranquil sea views from the Panoramic Suites or lounge in the comfortable elegance of the Garden Rooms, all while immersing yourself in the tasteful contemporary interiors by Piotr Wisniewski. The decor reflects the hues of the stone and sand surrounding the island, and the hotel’s circular structure is mirrored in the bespoke furnishings.

Mamula Island is a hotel surrounded by the sea, with you at its heart

At Mamula Island, Executive Chef Erica Archambault designs a menu that’s local, seasonal, and elegantly simple. Kamena, the fine dining spot, presents a six-course seasonal delight where fresh ingredients star. Enjoy a sunset meal set against a sea view that perfectly pairs romance and gastronomy.

The Sun Deck offers a casual dining experience with a seafood-centric menu, refreshing salads, and wood-oven baked specialities, notably their light, slow-fermented pizzas. The Pool Deck is your relaxed, sun-soaked hub for drinks and all-day dining, featuring comforting dishes bursting with Mediterranean flavours. For a seaside experience, try the Beach’s picnic basket service, serving Cote D’Azure-inspired specialties and chilled Rosé, delivered directly to your sunbed. End your day at the Pinea Bar with crafted cocktails and intimate conversations. Every dining space at Mamula Island offers a unique taste of the island’s compelling blend of heritage, luxury, and natural allure.

Mamula Island is a hotel surrounded by the sea, with you at its heart

Speaking of spas, the island is home to a holistic spa and well-being facilities that extend from massage rooms to swimming pools. A gym and a promenade offer fitness and leisure activities to all guests, further complemented by three restaurants and four bars. Erica Archambault, a rising star from the Michelin-starred Septime restaurant in Paris, crafts the exquisite menu, providing a gastronomic journey that is as memorable as the island itself.

Art lovers will find solace in the historical-memorial gallery, a unique feature of the Mamula Island Hotel. It offers an insight into the location’s rich history spanning 170 years, bridging the past with the present. Moreover, the hotel extends a cultural platform by hosting artistic events throughout the year with local and world-renowned artists. These programs offer guests a chance to indulge in a plethora of cultural experiences, making their stay on the island more enriching.

Mamula Island is a hotel surrounded by the sea, with you at its heart

Despite its seclusion, Mamula Island is well connected. It is only an hour away from Dubrovnik, making it easily accessible yet removed from the usual touristy hustle-bustle. It offers a retreat for the soul, a space where one can reconnect with nature and oneself amidst the backdrop of Montenegro’s stunning landscapes. Furthermore, it presents employment opportunities for locals and the surrounding region, strengthening the socio-economic fabric of the area. The hotel, spa, restaurants, and memorial gallery are open to local visitors, integrating the community into the tapestry of the island’s narrative.

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