lifestyle /travel London’s mystifying and awe-inspiring The Mandrake Hotel The Mandrake Hotel an exquisite luxury of the boutique hotel scene, located in Fitzrovia, London, and titled after the therapeutic vine.
by Alexander Ron

Within a flicker and you might just notice it. You’re met with humble constructed ribs of the polished iron gates one of the key features of The Mandrake Hotel. The Mandrake’s entry is very subtle but located in a very dynamic area of London. The mystical and ambiguous passage conveys guests from the roadside to the essence of the soul; a spirited entryway, bar, and restaurant combined framing a core enamelled courtyard.

Stunning visuals of art create an enduring essence when leading into the unique therapeutic lobby. The lobby stretches beneath a prominent mysterious chandelier, illuminated by 30 wax candles, embracing guests into a tranquil distinct experience. Beyond the ground level, you will find a hidden terrace enclosed by an affluent weight of jasmine and blossoms swinging. This soft leafy waterfall mantles the noble path that links among the guest chambers, enclosing like a robe around the participant within.

London’s mystifying and awe-inspiring The Mandrake Hotel
Courtesy of The Mandrake

Each guestroom at The Mandrake Hotel is sketched to deliver a sophisticated, eccentric, restful, airy fortress, visions beyond the turbulent London scene beneath. The interior fittings of each room are luxuriating with the influence of Parisian velvets and the richness of metallic essence. The ground floor rests above a quirky and secretive WCs which comprises a shared mirrored hand wash segment, this is furnished with an alluring drape of metallic brass tubes that are parallel to the basins and implement cordial flowing water.

London’s mystifying and awe-inspiring The Mandrake Hotel
Courtesy of The Mandrake

The design and components built upon The Mandrake Hotel, formulate a magnificent and seductive, intimate ambiance. But also reserved from the busy London scene. The guest’s aspirations are truly met, with an immersive experience once stepping into the world of The Mandrake Hotel. We can certainly say that the hotel is unique, enticing a therapeutic scene, with decorative tribal spaces burrowed far within the city scope.

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