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Charming French elegance meets tropical hospitality at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

A tropical getaway from Barrière group offering unbound luxury and panoramic views of marina Gustavia. Share

It is on the French island of St Barths in the Caribbean, a long-haul flight away from Europe, that Barrière has unveiled its latest project—a 5-star hotel that oozes luxury, elegance and French-style charm.

Here, on a gentle promontory that gives the hotel the appearance of the bridge and prow of a yacht at anchor, the Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf and its 23 rooms, suites and bungalows (including a penthouse suite) lie moored in the Caribbean, offering luxurious accommodation in the land of the trade winds. In this rejuvenating, peaceful haven only a few meters from the city centre and the marina docks, the main building majestically materializes in a luscious natural setting created by a large tropical garden.

Charming French elegance meets tropical hospitality at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf
Charming French elegance meets tropical hospitality at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

The colonial façade, veranda and terraces with direct views of the Caribbean horizon are in complete harmony with the island’s history and seem to have always existed. Bungalows with evocative names, such as Prestige or Deluxe, nestle in the garden, offering ideal surroundings for couples and families alike.

Even with the addition of these exceptional lodgings, the small number of rooms ensures that all guests enjoy personalized service. The Diane, a prestigious 5-bedroom villa, can be found at the upper end of the property. In the signature style of the Barrière Group, a subtle interior, designed by Parisian firm Gilles & Boissier, perfectly combines discreet luxury, tropical elegance and French charm in a reposing atmosphere.

Charming French elegance meets tropical hospitality at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

Within the century-old walls and terraces of Le Carl Gustaf, designers Gilles & Boissier have created a charming ambience where filtered sunlight creates ever-changing reflections of light and shade. Simple fabrics and natural materials such as wood and stone add to the appeal, as does the hotel’s setting on a low hill which stands above the stunning landscapes of sea and sky like a tropical “altana” roof terrace.

With a menu by Pierre Gagnaire, the Le Fouquet’s Brasserie comes to the Caribbean and revisits the classics, featuring local spices and flavours with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the port of Gustavia. The elegant Caribbean house with Riviera accents welcomes you from breakfast to dinner for special moments full of flavour, to share with friends and family. Casual elegance; Hardwood, wicker furniture and soft materials, designed by Gilles and Boissier, showcasing the Parisian art of table service: a trolley of mature cheeses, French Guéridon service, presentation and preparation on the plate with the philosophy “elegance and passion”.

Charming French elegance meets tropical hospitality at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

At midday, in the welcoming shade, Greek head chef Yiannis Kioroglou offers a whole range of tasty dishes that will give you a glimpse of a new culinary culture; simple, light and generous recipes. Dishes with attractive colours and flavours, ballets of cold and warm mezze served on big turquoise-blue plates. All while enjoying the discreet refinement of a table in the shade. “Sharing is Caring” is central to the culinary experience. From the sweetness of Amalfi’s lemon trees to the rich flavours of the Cyclades and the iconic grills and marinades, the thoughtful cuisine is delicious, healthy and flavourful.

When day fades to night, and the sun gives way to a star-studded sky, the Fouquet’s Bar ushers visitors in to delve into the magical serenity that reigns here in the island’s heights. With a unique view of the serene lights of Gustavia’s little port, Fouquet’s Bar and its Signature Cocktails by Emanuele Balestra set the scene for the night, facing the Caribbean Sea where the jet set sail their yachts.

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