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Capri Palace Jumeirah embodies the grandeur of refinement in the heart of Anacapri

An Italian island retreat in Anacapri, Capri Palace Jumeira blend the traditional elegance of coastline luxury with an unrivaled Mediterranean experience. Share

Situated on the stunning island of Capri, in the serene town of Anacapri, lies the Capri Palace Jumeirah. This luxury resort, now under the Jumeirah brand, offers a unique blend of Italian glamour and intimate island charm.

With a mesmerizing backdrop of the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Naples, the hotel exudes elegance and offers privacy in a picturesque setting. Its timeless beauty is reflected in the 68 guest rooms and suites, many of which offer private pools and gardens. The prestige and allure of Capri Palace Jumeirah are further emphasized by the two exclusive villas, each promising the pinnacle of luxury experience with individual pools and panoramic views.

Capri Palace Jumeirah embodies the grandeur of refinement in the heart of Anacapri

The interior design, distinctly Mediterranean in style, pays tribute to local artisans with traditional vaulted ceilings, hand-painted majolica, and marble columns. It is this adherence to local culture and art that sets Capri Palace Jumeirah apart and firmly roots it within its setting. In fact, the hotel houses a significant contemporary art collection, solidifying its position as a cultural patron.

Yet, the resort’s richness does not end with art and aesthetics. Dining at the Capri Palace Jumeirah is an adventure in gastronomic exploration. The hotel offers its guests an array of culinary experiences from casual to gourmet. Most notable among its dining options is the L’Olivo restaurant. The award-winning L’Olivo offers an exquisite Caprese and Mediterranean culinary journey, led by the expert Chef Andrea Migliaccio.

Capri Palace Jumeirah embodies the grandeur of refinement in the heart of Anacapri

The Capri Palace Jumeirah is also home to the Dolce Vite Wine Cellar. This stunning wine cellar, boasting over 10,000 bottles of wine, offers a unique experience for wine connoisseurs. The wine list is a dedication to the Italian vineyards, with a particular focus on the wines from Campania, while also featuring a considerable international selection.

Wellness is another core offering at the Capri Palace Jumeirah. The Capri Beauty Farm is a world-renowned medical spa offering an innovative approach to health and wellbeing. Their signature ‘Leg School’ is a pioneering medical treatment focused on improving circulatory issues, while the spa’s other offerings include bespoke wellness programs designed around the individual’s needs.

Capri Palace Jumeirah embodies the grandeur of refinement in the heart of Anacapri

Furthermore, the resort organizes a range of activities designed to immerse guests in the culture and beauty of the island. From exclusive boat trips around the island to personalized shopping experiences in Capri’s fashionable boutiques, every detail is thoughtfully curated to create an unforgettable stay.

While Capri Palace Jumeirah is a haven of tranquillity and refinement, its surroundings are just as compelling. The town of Anacapri offers an authentic slice of island life away from the main tourist throng. Its quiet lanes, picturesque piazzas, and artisan shops exude an enduring charm that promises a more laid-back, though no less delightful, side of Capri.

Capri Palace Jumeirah embodies the grandeur of refinement in the heart of Anacapri

In a world where the ostentatious often overshadows true elegance, Capri Palace Jumeirah stands as a beacon of refined luxury. From its art-filled hallways to the exclusive experiences it offers its guests, every aspect of the resort is designed to encapsulate the best of Capri. By combining luxurious living, cultural immersion, and a commitment to well-being, the Capri Palace Jumeirah does more than just offer a high-end holiday; it presents its guests with a truly immersive Capri experience.

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