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Capella Taipei will soon elevate luxury hospitality in Taiwan’s capital

Capella Taipei, set to open in winter 2024, introduces a new era of luxury hospitality in Taipei, blending cultural immersion with unparalleled culinary and wellness experiences. Share

In the bustling heart of Taipei, a new beacon of luxury hospitality is set to rise with the opening of Capella Taipei in the winter of 2024. Situated on the vibrant Dunhua North Road, mere minutes from the iconic 101 area, Capella Taipei is poised to redefine luxury hospitality by offering a unique blend of urban energy and serene elegance. This 86-key retreat aims to provide guests with a sanctuary where the vibrancy of the city meets tranquil luxury, offering a deep dive into the local culture and innovative culinary delights.

Cristiano Rinaldi, President of Capella Hotel Group, says on the latest Capella opening: “We’re thrilled to unveil a new chapter of bespoke luxury in Taipei, a city that harmoniously blends cultural vibrancy with a burgeoning luxury market. Capella Taipei is not just a hotel; it’s an invitation to immerse in a culture rich in heritage and to create memories that resonate beyond a stay.”

Capella Hotels and Resorts, a name synonymous with luxury and bespoke experiences, has meticulously designed Capella Taipei to be an urban sanctuary that transcends traditional opulence. Luxury here is redefined as the craft of delivering authentic and purposeful travel experiences through meaningful storytelling. The Living Room, a central feature of the hotel, serves as a launchpad for Capella Curates journeys, where guests are invited to immerse themselves in the local culture, history, and environment, guided by expert Capella Culturists.

Capella Taipei will soon elevate luxury hospitality in Taiwan’s capital

Nestled in a locale steeped in cultural heritage, Capella Taipei’s strategic location near Songshan International Airport, and close proximity to cultural landmarks such as Xingtian Temple and vibrant art districts including Taze-Neihu, Songshan Culture Park, and Huashan 1914 Park, cements its status as a nucleus of artistic and cultural immersion. The hotel’s vicinity to Taipei Arena further enhances this cultural journey, allowing guests to experience the forefront of Chinese pop music and performances.

The architectural and interior design of Capella Taipei, envisioned by André Fu Studio, embodies the concept of a ‘modern mansion’ that reflects Taipei’s unique blend of modern vibrancy and poetic locality. This design philosophy harmonizes contemporary comforts, lifestyle entertainment, and well-being within a retreat-like setting amidst the urban landscape. The collaboration with the Mori Building Group from Tokyo ensures that the hotel not only offers stunning city and mountain views but also stands out as a green oasis in the metropolis.

Capella Taipei will soon elevate luxury hospitality in Taiwan’s capital

Culinary excellence is at the heart of Capella Taipei’s offerings, with the Grill restaurant leading the charge with its innovative grilling, ageing, and smoking techniques. The focus on sustainably sourced, farm-to-table produce, combined with a French-inspired seasonal menu, sets a new standard for dining in Taipei. The Patisserie, with its blend of art gallery charm and bakery warmth, along with authentic Cantonese cuisine, and a premier Japanese Omakase restaurant, ensure that guests’ palates are thoroughly indulged.

Wellness takes centre stage on the second floor with Capella Wellness, offering treatments inspired by traditional practices and Capella’s signature moon phase-based offerings. The inclusion of a fitness studio equipped with the latest Technogym offerings and an outdoor heated pool further emphasize the hotel’s commitment to guests’ well-being.

Capella Taipei will soon elevate luxury hospitality in Taiwan’s capital

For business and events, Capella Taipei presents the Campus, featuring a conference hall and additional meeting spaces designed to cater to corporate and functional needs. The property also boasts a private event hall and salon, ensuring that every celebration or milestone is marked with exclusivity and elegance.

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