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Capella Singapore is Sentosa Island’s heritage heartbeat

Capella Singapore artfully merges the allure of old-world charm with present-day luxury, set amidst 30 acres of tropical landscape and offering panoramic views of the South China Sea. Share

Capella Singapore gracefully intertwines the storied architecture of its colonial past with the finesse of the modern era. Nestled amidst the tropical terrain of Sentosa Island, this esteemed hotel is not just a retreat but a juxtaposition of heritage and modernity.

Upon arrival, the storied façade of white colonial bungalows, originally constructed in the late 1800s for the British military, welcomes guests with a genteel nod to its historic roots. These structures, having borne witness to the passage of time, now house the hotel’s opulent lobby and The Library—a serene haven reserved for guests, offering books and refreshments amidst dark-walnut furnishings and marble elegance, enhanced by art from the hotel’s own collection.

Capella Singapore is Sentosa Island’s heritage heartbeat

The 112 rooms, suites and villas are immersed in 30 acres of tranquil and luscious landscaped grounds, each thoughtfully and elegantly designed by Jaya Ibrahim to combine bespoke contemporary comforts with natural materials and touches of Asian tradition. Here you will surrender into a narrative of comfort through the accommodation’s Asian-inspired contemporary design, where Italian linens drape plush beds and high-tech amenities blend seamlessly into an ambiance of understated elegance. Every room boasts a balcony, some frequented by the hotel’s peacock residents, adding a touch of natural whimsy to the sophisticated surroundings.

The resort’s architectural prowess is epitomized by the juxtaposition of its heritage and modern structures. Bernar Venet’s imposing sculpture sets an avant-garde tone upon entry, while the colonial edifice, a remnant of a bygone era, impresses with its grandeur and poise. The contemporary wing, with its sculptures by Salvador Dalí and undulating façade, confirms the resort’s artistic ethos.

Capella Singapore is Sentosa Island’s heritage heartbeat

From traditional dishes to unexpected delights, dining with Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island is a delicious journey through flavour. Inspired by the historic spice routes of Southern and Western China, Cassia offers a contemporary twist on authentic Cantonese cuisine, while Bob’s Bar is where guests retreat to watch the sunset with a carefully-curated cocktail. Another latest restaurant concept is Fiamma, featuring authentic Italian family cuisine by chef Mauro Colagreco.

Chef’s Table serves as an exclusive private events and special occasions venue, offering an intimate dining experience. From celebratory occasions to business luncheons, allow us to personalise your dining experience at our idyllic home-styled kitchen.

Capella Singapore is Sentosa Island’s heritage heartbeat

Adjacent lies a contemporary edifice, equally compelling with its flowing, curved design, housing an array of luxurious accommodations. Guests staying in rooms and suites are treated to expansive balconies with private Jacuzzis, offering immersive views of the South China Sea, set against the backdrop of Singapore’s lush heritage trees and verdant foliage.

The resort’s signature cascading swimming pools create an aquatic tapestry in harmony with the surrounding nature, from the infinity-edge pool gracing the upper tier to the more intimate lap pool nestled at the foot of the hill. Capella Singapore’s dedication to leisure extends to The Library, where guests can immerse themselves in literary pursuits or screen a film from the hotel’s DVD collection in the comfort of their own space, replete with digital convenience and high-tech entertainment systems.

Capella Singapore is Sentosa Island’s heritage heartbeat

Outdoors, the terraced seating of Bob’s Bar offers a quintessentially romantic spot under the celestial canopy, ideal for enjoying crafted cocktails accompanied by the panorama of the resort’s immaculate grounds and the distant sea.

For the inquisitive traveler, Capella Singapore’s Personal Assistants are a fount of local knowledge, eager to curate personalized itineraries that showcase the island’s finest offerings, whether it be gourmet dining, shopping excursions, or cultural experiences. And for those seeking indulgence, the Auriga Spa awaits with its celestial-inspired treatments and organic products.

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