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At Ritz Paris, timeless Parisian luxury that you can call your own

Recast by the New York-based design firm Thierry W Despont, the Ritz Paris is as dazzling as ever. Share

“No wish is too small,” said Monique Ritz, the daughter-in-law of César Ritz who founded the hotel in 1898. “We call people by name and they must be at home.” Under the glass ceiling, in the shade of the linden trees in the Grand Jardin or surrounded by music from a jazz piano, the Ritz Paris is a place where dreams come to life. As the celebrated author and liberator of Paris, Ernst Hemingway wrote, “When I dream of an afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place at the Ritz Paris.”

The refinement of the French art de vivre meets the elegance of Belle Époque décor: the hotel’s exquisitely appointed 72 rooms and 72 suites including 16 Privilege suites that pay tribute to the illustrious guests who will forever embody the history of this iconic address, among them Marcel Proust, Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Frédéric Chopin and Charlie Chaplin—all of whom considered the Ritz “like a second home”, or as Gabrielle Chanel often said, “the Ritz is my home, the first hotel I ever lived in”.

At Ritz Paris, timeless Parisian luxury that you can call your own

Each of the 142 rooms at the Ritz Paris is as glorious as ever, offering an incomparable ambience and the most generous spaces in the French capital. Fine woodwork and delicate pastel hues compose an intimate décor where ultimate luxury resides in every detail, accompanied by antique objects and art. Spacious and overlooking the garden or the rooftops of the City of Light, the rooms at the Ritz Paris have the special spirit and allure that characterize emblematic addresses. The charm of grand Houses, the savoir-faire of exceptional artisans and that “je ne sais quoi“ typical of the Parisian way of life. As lovers of history and anecdotes well know, there is a story behind every “Ritzy” detail.

The spacious Suites at the Ritz Paris have that extra little touch of spirit that will make your stay in Paris unforgettable. Designed as exceptional apartments, with a private terrace or a bucolic view over Paris, these rooms subtly blend stateliness with pure Parisian nobility and timeless elegance. Staying in a suite at the Ritz Paris is the quintessence of the French art of living.

At Ritz Paris, timeless Parisian luxury that you can call your own

The heart of the Ritz Paris beats to the rhythm of the City of Light. It sets its own tempo, which varies in mood and spirit from the Bar Vendôme to the Salon Proust and the Bar Hemingway. Taking breakfast or French teatime at 15 Place Vendôme always carries the promise of special, memorable moments. Whether you’d like a quick breakfast or a leisurely experience, the flavours of brasserie cuisine or “bistronomique” dishes for sharing, a gourmet lunch or an evening of haute cuisine, whatever your wishes or the time of day, a table awaits inside the hotel or in the garden.

The beating heart of 15 Place Vendôme is its Parisian settings, atmospheres and rituals that accompany every kind of rendezvous. Breakfast, lunch, cocktails and late-night snacks may be found at two restaurants inside one and the same hotel: the Bar Vendôme for its round-the-clock ambience and the Bar Hemingway—a legend with all the chic of a private English club.

At Ritz Paris, timeless Parisian luxury that you can call your own

The legendary L’Espadon restaurants are writing a new chapter in French haute cuisine with the arrival of young and talented Chef Nicolas Sale. L’Espadon’s exacting gastronomy blends tradition and innovation, with a sumptuous dining room canopied by a painted sky and a private dining room for up to 12 guests.

The sumptuous setting of Les Univers de L’Espadon changes as the day goes on, from a gentle breakfast to lunch with friends or business associates or an exceptional dinner. Whether it’s one star by day or two by night, the experience is always exquisite, as is the quality of the ingredients. Chef Nicolas Sale and Pastry Chef François Perret share a philosophy: like art, gastronomy represents an endless quest. Belle Époque-style Bar Vendôme is the hotel’s brasserie, split between an intimate bar and a terrace covered by a retractable glass canopy.

At Ritz Paris, timeless Parisian luxury that you can call your own

A Pool Bar and relaxation alcoves complete an unforgettable moment to focus on fitness. Stop the clock and take a break from an overbooked agenda and the constant gaze of others, just for an hour. That’s what people come here for, even if it means just a few laps in the pool, settling into a private alcove on the balcony, following the lead of a coach or taking to the fitness machines. At the Ritz Club Paris, your time is yours alone. Veiled curtains, a summer sky that invites reveries, soft lighting and comfortable lounge chairs invite you to finally let it all go.

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