lifestyle /travel Arctic Bath Hotel & Cold Bath, Swedish Lapland, a floating monument An intriguing proposition situated in Harads, Sweden. Indulge in spa treatments at this wellness-focussed property.
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Opening its doors in February 2020, Arctic Bath is a year round spa hotel, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen on Luleriver. A Hotel and cold bath inspired by the timber floating era, a monument, a reminder about the importance of forests for the entire country’s development. The main building of Arctic Bath is inspired by a jam of floating timber in the river, whereas the floating open air cold bath is situated downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors. Arctic Bath has a circular shape which creates a protected environment.

The centre of the bath is great for both sunbathing and winter bathing, a cold bath under the northern sky. Arctic Bath has 12 private cabins, a spa, cold bath, hot bath, different saunas, spa treatment room, lounge, shop, bar and a restaurant. It boasts 6 floating hotel cabins (double rooms) floating downstream from the hotel with private access from the shore via foot-bridges and 6 cabins on land, 3 suites and 3 cabins sleeping 1-5 people.

Arctic Bath Hotel & Cold Bath, Swedish Lapland, a floating monument
Arctic Bath Hotel & Cold Bath, Swedish Lapland, a floating monument
Photo: Arctic Bath Hotel

The focus of the hotel is the four cornerstones of wellness and before your stay you can book a number of different wellness treatments, detox, cleansing and mindfulness. Transfers to the hotel are bookable to and from Lulea airport or from the train station in Boden. &. and you can also book Arctic Bath for a smaller group, private party or small event.

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