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Fendi presented Fall/Winter Couture Collection, creating a new 2018-2019 reality

Fendi released its new Fall/Winter collection during Paris Fashion Week, blurring the lines of tradition and texture with their vibrant, mink fur inspired looks.
by Seraiah Wells

Fendi redefined the lines of their authentic Italian heart during Paris Fashion Week at Palais Brongniar, blending traditional textures with modern technique with their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 pieces.

The exquisite textures, dense sequin structures, and chiffon fabrics created an innovative new reality within the 49 look collection. From light lavender to ballerina pinks, the collection used a rainbow color palette with inspiration drawn from poetic Cubism in the early 20th century. Statement reds and shimmery golds were mixed alongside pearly hues of pink and peach. Lace patterned swirls, delicate crochet, and mink fur linings were part of the emphasis on thinking differently and going beyond the modernity accepted.

The opening piece included a vibrant, multicolored fur opera coat with pops of mustard yellow and frayed strips of chiffon stitched to perfection. The warm apricot tones accentuated the mustard fur collar around the neckline. Throughout the collection, Fendi brought together pieces of traditional organza and chiffon to create a surface of trompe l’oeil.

Fendi continues to blur the memory of sintesi mosaics to create the latest à la mode reality in haute couture.

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