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Miu Miu: The New Fragrance Miu Miu Twist

The power of women as a collective, as a group - camaraderie, solidarity, sisterhood inspires the Miu Miu Twist campaign. Share

What is the contemporary girl of taste daring to do in today’s world of relentless pretense? Instinctively, she finds a plot twist—and stages a miutiny against the mundane. Enter, just in time, Miu Miu twist, the collision of classic and unexpected ingredients that manages to simulate both enthusiasm and sophistication, proving that the two are not miu-tually exclusive. Unapologetically indulgent and airy without superficiality, Miu Miu twist transcends the ticking away of time, space, and status.

The Miu Miu twist bottle is a twisted take on the brand’s signature matelassé material, rendered in high contrast. The design’s new take on a classic vintage perfume flacon combines camp hallmarks of modern art and the flamboyant elegance of boudoir accessories, cinching them together with a gold Miu Miu-branded collar under the cap. An opulently studded glass base adds weight to sharpened edges and inflated proportions.

The result is a timeless, outspoken glamour that is at once self-assured and self-effacing – in other words, quintessentially Miu Miu. A short film by the production house canada follows a movie star’s hectic routine through multiple roles, tracing her backstage to on-camera energy. here, and in cinematic portraits photographed by Mert & Marcus, Elle assumes the starring role in a series of outrageous vignettes. as she shuttles through various studios and characters, she amuses herself with wordplay, turning each prop, costume, and set into something miu: miusic, miutant, miustache.

Taking the lead in so many fictions could be destabilizing, but even in the most extreme fantasy, Elle can locate her own distinct identity. her antic search is a sequence of cosmic (and comic) plot twists that ring with the spirit of Miu Miu.

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