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Eminence, The Pinnacle of Audio Design & Engineering by Wilson Benesch

Since 1989 Wilson Benesch has been the pioneer in the development of advanced carbon composite loudspeaker enclosures. Share

The new Eminence loudspeaker builds upon the legacy of the Cardinal and takes key technologies a step further. Eminence introduces the Tactic 3.0 midrange and bass driver, the incredible Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter with a new decoupled motor design and the new A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque, realising the pinnacle of Wilson Benesch loudspeaker design and engineering.

As Wilson Benesch approaches its 30th-Anniversary year, the company is now recognised for the considerable intellectual property developed through three-decades and successive research and development programmes. This R&D has often been funded publicly through grant funding awarded on the merit of the engineering excellence that exists within the company. Publicly documented, these ambitious R&D projects and the body of work they have produced recently secured Wilson Benesch an invitation to form an alliance as part of a multi-million-pound pan-European R&D project to develop tomorrow’s cutting-edge composites for applications beyond 2020 in aerospace and other advanced engineering applications.

The alliance of Wilson Benesch with 13 top-tier Universities, a handful of similar SME’s as well as blue-chip companies such as Akzo Nobel underlines Wilson Benesch’s position at the forefront of advanced materials science. Eminence is born directly of the IP developed from this huge body of work, it is wound directly into the DNA of the loudspeaker.

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