Platinum Born: Jewellery that Sparkles Like the Stars

Platinum Born's luminous, versatile pieces are a jewellery lover's dream. Using faceted platinum beads that sparkle like diamonds, each piece reflects platinum's otherworldly origin. Share

30 times rarer than gold, Platinum Born pays tribute to platinum’s origin in the stars. All of Earth’s platinum came from outer space during a meteor shower over 2 billion years ago. This otherworldly origin is encapsulated in many of Platinum Born’s designs, particularly in the way their signature faceted platinum beads shine like stars.

Their incredibly innovative, playful, and versatile collections include pieces that can be worn in a multitude of different ways with simple adjustments that anyone can make, even those with limited dexterity – in keeping with the joyful and inclusive spirit of the brand. The brilliance of Platinum Born’s faceted platinum beads is known to astonish, as the sparkle is often mistakenly assumed to come from diamonds.

Platinum Born: Jewellery that Sparkles Like the Stars

Platinum Born’s design and craftsmanship takes place in Japan with meticulous attention given to technical details, allowing for their signature versatility –  necklaces can be easily adjusted to be worn as a choker or a longer style, while the Helios Magnetic and Luna Magnetic’ highly innovative design means they can be shaped and worn according to the desire of the wearer, from a stylish choker to an elegant bracelet.

Platinum is hypoallergenic, naturally white and lasts a lifetime, making for the perfect heirloom jewellery to be passed down generations. Discover the Platinum Born collections below.

The Celestial Collection: The Celestial Collection pays tribute to platinum’s origin in the stars. All of the Earth’s platinum came from outer space after a meteor shower over 2 billion years ago, an astounding fact encapsulated by this collection. Each piece is crafted to capture the unmatched beauty of sparkling constellations in the sky. Platinum beads and petals depict the spiralling arms of a galaxy, the spectacular explosion of a supernova, or the arctic beauty of the northern lights.

Platinum Born: Jewellery that Sparkles Like the Stars

The Limitless Collection: Capturing a playful elegance and bold spirit, the Limitless collection is true to its name, showcasing the unlimited possibilities of platinum.

The Modern Collection: The Modern Collection captures the beauty of platinum’s minimalism. Platinum’s beauty lies not only in its unlimited possibilities, but in its inherent sleekness. Clean curves and versatile shapes that can be worn a multitude of ways characterise this collection.

The Helios Magnetic is the definition of versatility, and the icon of the Modern Collection. From afar, the precision-cut platinum resembles baguette-cut diamonds. Magnets allow the piece to be fashioned as a lariat, a choker, or a chic layered bracelet

Platinum Born: Jewellery that Sparkles Like the Stars

The Prestige Collection: A contrast to the Modern Collection, the Prestige Collection showcases unrivalled aesthetics and statement-making pieces.

The Debut Collection: The Debut Collection encompasses a selection of dreamy and romantic pieces that unite the beauty of the stars and the sea. Each piece in the collection is a combination of platinum beads resembling shimmering stars and freshwater pearls signifying the treasures of the deep seas, resulting in a remarkable visual texture.

Platinum Born has been retailing in the US since 2018, and their pieces are available in the UK at luxury jewellery boutique ROX in Battersea Power Station.