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The Dunlin: A new Luxury Retreat set to debut in 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina

The Dunlin is poised to be a charming, family-friendly getaway, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an authentic sea island lifestyle. Share

Amidst the string of sparkling beads that the Charleston Sea Islands form along the Atlantic Coast, Johns Island emerges as a jewel. Here, The Dunlin, a new destination retreat, reveals itself on the banks of the Kiawah River. Enveloped by golden spartina grass, giant oak trees, and shallow marsh flats, it is here that sunny days blend seamlessly into starry nights, dancing to the rhythm of the tides. A rich tableau of nature unfolds as herons and osprey dart between shadows, seeking fiddler crabs and redfish in the salty currents.

Meandering through 2,000 acres, The Dunlin offers an immersive experience with 20 miles of waterfront and nature trails, making it a quintessential Southern retreat. Located a mere 20 miles from Charleston, it is a harmonious blend of 72 cottage-style guest rooms, suites, and 19 residential villas, all under the gentle watch of a 100-acre working farm.

The Dunlin: A new Luxury Retreat set to debut in 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina

Dining at The Dunlin is a feast for the senses, with chefs crafting dishes from the freshest local bounty—be it organic eggs, handmade cheeses, grass-fed meats, or seafood caught in nearby waters. The restaurant and bar, overlooking the Kiawah River’s waters and natural vegetation, promise culinary delights in a picturesque setting. As one steps into The Dunlin, it’s like walking back in time to old-time summer retreats. The resort beckons with its main lodge—the heart of this enchanting getaway. Here, guests are invited to rock in wicker chairs on the wraparound wooden porch, savouring cocktails as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the marsh savannas.

A short stroll away, the full-service spa awaits, offering a sanctuary of solace, while the lounge bar and dining room set the stage for unforgettable multigenerational mealtimes. The cuisine, simple yet sophisticated, lets farm-fresh ingredients take centre stage, adding a wholesome flavour to the Southern American culinary profile. Adventures beckon farther afield, with an array of outdoor activities from beach excursions to fly-fishing.

The Dunlin: A new Luxury Retreat set to debut in 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina

Families and friends gather in the intimate spaces across this stunning sea isle, marking major milestones amidst swaying cordgrass and centennial oak trees. The 10,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor event space offers panoramic views, creating a cinematic backdrop for festivities. The ethos of lowcountry living resonates in every corner of The Dunlin. The guest rooms and river-view cabanas, inspired by cottage aesthetics, overlook vast expanses of spartina grass. Inside, elements of classic Southern style merge with modern comforts, offering a tranquil oasis to reconnect with nature and loved ones.

Named Charleston’s first agrihood, the Kiawah River community embodies sustainable living. The partnership of local family-owned farms cultivates a seasonal bounty of organic produce, ensuring residents and guests enjoy the freshest ingredients. The trails, rich with flora and fauna, offer endless exploration, making every moment an occasion to commune with nature.

The Dunlin: A new Luxury Retreat set to debut in 2024 in Charleston, South Carolina

Long walks under the canopy of oak and pine trees, accompanied by a symphony of birdsong, become daily rituals. The wellness journey extends to the spa, where treatments are inspired by the surrounding nature, and the adventure centre, offers lessons in catch-and-release fly-fishing on the Kiawah River.

Set to open its doors in 2024, The Dunlin, Auberge Resorts Collection, is the brainchild of visionary minds. John Darby, CEO of The Beach Company, and Craig Reid, president and CEO, of Auberge Resorts Collection, have collaborated with renowned architect Robert Glazier and acclaimed designer Amanda Lindroth to create a sea island paradise.

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