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Elegance above the Ayung Valley meets Amandari’s Balinese bliss

With its iconic infinity pool, exquisite dining, and impeccable service, this venerable resort stands as a pinnacle of elegance and cultural immersion in the heart of Ubud. Share

Nestled in the picturesque village of Kedewatan, a mere 15 minutes from Ubud, Amandari is an enchanting haven discreetly perched on a hillside with mesmerizing views of rice terraces and the untamed Ayung Valley. Just an hour and a half north of Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, served by esteemed airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Garuda, and Jetstar, Amandari is a seamless blend of luxury and tradition.

Designed to mirror a Balinese village, Amandari is a sanctuary where the jungle and rice terraces of Bali’s cultural heartland converge. The resort features Alang-alang thatched houses, ranging from single-story to duplex, including Village, Valley, and Pool Suites, as well as the exclusive Asmara, Ayung, and Amandari Suites, culminating in the grandeur of the three-bedroom Amandari Villa.

Indigenous materials and artwork from Bali and the Indonesian archipelago enhance the authenticity of the experience. This commitment to cultural representation has earned Amandari its prestigious reputation among Bali’s high-end hotels. Each suite, enveloped by high paras-stone walls, opens through a traditional gateway into a private world of luxury, with interiors adorned in teak and coconut-wood, and private tropical gardens.

Elegance above the Ayung Valley meets Amandari’s Balinese bliss
Elegance above the Ayung Valley meets Amandari’s Balinese bliss

Culinary experiences at Amandari are a delight, with The Restaurant offering a sophisticated array of Indonesian and Western cuisine. The open-air dining area, augmented by a bar and the exclusive Bale and Lotus Pond settings, presents breathtaking views and intimate dining opportunities. The attention to detail extends to the minibars, stocked with premium items like Billecart-Salmon champagne and Unakaffe espresso machines, and complimentary treats like freshly baked cookies.

The resort’s grounds are deeply intertwined with local culture, hosting children’s dance classes and regular religious processions. Guests can immerse themselves in Bali’s vibrant landscape, with opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring nearby artisan villages, temples, and the attractions of Ubud.

Elegance above the Ayung Valley meets Amandari’s Balinese bliss

Wellness at Amandari is a holistic journey, featuring a spa set by a lotus pond, a gym, and facilities for yoga and meditation. The 28-metre green-tiled swimming pool, accompanied by a music pavilion, stands close to the gorge, offering stunning views of the surrounding terraces.

Amandari facilitates a variety of activities and excursions, including guided tours to cultural and natural landmarks across Bali. Trekking, cycling, white-water rafting on the Ayung River, and golfing at nearby world-renowned courses add to the allure of this exotic retreat.

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