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Datai Langkawi: A remarkable haven for nature lovers in Malaysia

With its diverse wildlife, renowned Datai Bay beach, and emphasis on sustainability and conservation, this resort provides an unparalleled retreat for mind, body, and spirit. Share

In the verdant expanse of a 10-million-year-old rainforest on the island of Langkawi stands The Datai Langkawi, a resort designed to embrace nature. Here, each room, suite, and villa is wrapped by the rainforest and opens up to vistas that reach out to the horizon. Datai Bay, the resort’s immediate marine neighbour, is widely recognized as one of the world’s top beaches. This bay, in harmony with the resort’s encompassing jungle, shelters an array of wildlife, some exclusive to this locale. Spotting Dusky langurs, Tokay geckos, and Sunda colugos becomes part of the daily experience for guests.

The Datai sprawls across 46 acres, offering a unique juxtaposition of a pristine beach and an ancient rainforest. It positions itself as an oasis for those who cherish nature; from the Flying lemurs to the hornbill birds, the biodiversity is staggering. The locale’s natural wealth is also accessible through curated walks and explorations, ensuring every age group discovers the magic of The Datai.

Datai Langkawi: A remarkable haven for nature lovers in Malaysia

Didier Lefort, the visionary behind The Datai’s design, emphasizes the philosophy of letting the surroundings shine. The buildings, made of plain timber, frame the lush canopy of the rainforest. Interiors, while refined, maintain simplicity, occasionally punctuated by colours inspired by the environment.

When architect Kerry Hill conceptualized The Datai in 1993, the goal was seamless integration with the pristine environment. Decades later, the ethos remains, even as the interiors underwent a refresh in 2018 under Didier Lefort, ensuring that the resort’s essence remained intact.

Datai Langkawi: A remarkable haven for nature lovers in Malaysia

The resort houses 121 rooms, suites, and villas. Each offers a unique perspective of the rainforest. The Canopy Deluxe rooms, conveniently located near the main pool, provide guests with rainforest views, while the Rainforest Villas, built on stilts and surrounded by thick foliage, evoke the sensation of being in chic log cabins. For those who desire proximity to the ocean, the beach villas are optimal, granting direct shore access. A notable mention is the five-bedroom Datai Estate, one of Asia’s largest hotel villas.

When it comes to dining, the experience is equally diverse. The Dining Room welcomes guests with a breakfast spread of cold-press juices, baked goods, Asian specialties, and more. Lunch and dinner menus cater to international palates, while The Beach Club and Bar cater to more casual tastes. The Gulai House offers Malaysian cuisine in an ambiance reminiscent of a traditional Malay kampung house, and The Pavilion serves Thai delicacies in an open-air setting.

Datai Langkawi: A remarkable haven for nature lovers in Malaysia
Datai Langkawi: A remarkable haven for nature lovers in Malaysia

Guests range from families enjoying tropical holidays to individuals seeking solitude. Despite the emergence of many luxury establishments on Langkawi, The Datai, with its focus on the environment and impeccable service, remains unparalleled. Lastly, the Andaman Sea offers varying conditions, from placid waters suitable for kayaking to more challenging tides.

Beyond the expected, such as the pools and gym, The Datai extends its offerings to align with its natural setting. The Nature Centre educates families on ecology, while rainforest treks led by naturalists and tours of the resort’s permaculture garden spotlight The Datai’s commitment to sustainability. The spa, cocooned by the woods, offers treatments ranging from massages to world-class pedicures, with the resort’s golf course only a short drive away.

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