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The Yesterday Vision Gaming Monitor by Love Hultén

A stunning hardwood monitor with built-in gaming features. Share

Love Hultén is a Swedish artist who fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. By playing with preconceptions about art and design – the social, cultural and historical relations to objects we all share – he tears consensual connections apart and provides a new context. To present genuine and attractive alternatives to contemporary appliances, Hultén adds unforeseen functionality, delicate execution and mystique.

The Yesterday Vision Gaming Monitor by Love Hultén
Photo: Courtesy of Yesterday Vision

​Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind exclusive objects, this one-man studio offer a genuine and personal experience. Everything is produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Yesterday Vision is an enclosure concept handmade from Mahogany, housing a 19″ 4:3 monitor, full-range loudspeakers and a built-in Raspberry Pi computer – emulating classic gaming systems such as SNES, NES, Genesis, NeoGeo, MAME, Atari 2600, N64, PSX. The 1280X1024 monitor inputs HDMI on the back for external devices such as laptop, Chromecast, modern gaming consoles, etc.

The monitor can connect up to 4 different controllers via Bluetooth and a set of two wireless hardwood arcade controllers may be custom ordered as add-ons upon request. Finally the monitor can also be customized for different sizes and uses a custom barrel-distortion to mimic the curvature of an old CRT monitor.

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