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OLED TV Z9—LG’s Signature OLED TV takes 8k to new levels

The world's first LG Signature OLED 8K TV delivers more color, depth, and detail than ever before, all on an ultra-large 88-inch screen. Share

It’s a viewing experience like no other, with LG’s OLED display technology creating an unparalleled level of 8K. Let OLED 8K transport you to a new, vivid world of TV. OLED 8K has 33 million self-emitting pixels and 130 million sub-pixels-four times the resolution of 4K. Unlike LEDs, each pixel can be controlled individually to create extremely precise images with more accurate color, infinite contrast, and perfect blacks.

The super-sized 88-inch screen is the largest OLED display in existence. Imagine you’re in a theater, stadium, or concert hall thanks to a breathtaking view that transports you to the heart of the action. Effective upscaling through the processor transforms 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture by enhancing detail and definition.

OLED TV Z9—LG’s Signature OLED TV takes 8k to new levels
OLED TV Z9—LG’s Signature OLED TV takes 8k to new levels
Photo: Courtesy of LG

The Art Furniture Stand naturally blends in with its surroundings to add luxury to your home interior while stably supporting the ultra-large screen. OLED 8K allows you to enjoy all of your content in lifelike high definition with support for major HDR formats Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HLG and HDR10. Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging-incredible brightness, contrast, and color bring entertainment to life.

LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV meets international resolution standards with a Contrast Modulation (CM) of 91.8%*. The higher the CM, the clearer black and white lines are displayed. OLED 8K delivers real 8K resolution with exceptional color, detail, and contrast.