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Introducing the first two-tone Bentley Bentayga EWB

The creation of this unique Bentayga EWB Azure V8 is another feather in Bentley Mulliner's cap of unmatched expertise in luxury customization. Share

In the realm of luxury automobiles, where customization represents the pinnacle of exclusivity and personal expression, Bentley Mulliner has set a new benchmark with the delivery of a bespoke Bentayga EWB. This vehicle, a dazzling representation of personalized luxury, marks a significant milestone as Bentley Motors introduced a two-tone exterior finish option for the Bentayga EWB a year ahead of schedule, a move directly inspired by a unique customer commission.

This vehicle was born from a collaboration between the owners and Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke and personalization division. The owners, a couple from Irvine, California, embarked on their customization journey with a visit to Bentley Newport Beach. Their initial intention was to choose from the standard options for the Bentayga EWB Azure V8 First Edition, which already offered 46 billion different configurations. However, their creative vision soon expanded beyond the standard offerings under the guidance of Mulliner’s Design Manager, Phill Dean.

Introducing the first two-tone Bentley Bentayga EWB

They were instantly attracted to Kingfisher, a brilliant metallic electric blue finish, but felt it needed a contrast exterior colour to complement the Blackline styling specification. Conversations with Bentley’s Paint Shop established that a duo-tone would be possible, initiating a process to bring the launch of this option on Bentayga EWB forwards by a year.

“With a Mulliner commission, anything is possible,” explains Dean. “We started to discuss the specification in the showroom at Newport Beach, but it soon became clear that we needed more time to go over every tiny detail. We resumed the commissioning at the customers’ home – we finished at around 1.00 am” he recalls. The result is a stunning visual masterpiece that captures the essence of Californian sunshine and luxury.

Introducing the first two-tone Bentley Bentayga EWB

The vehicle’s customization did not stop at its exterior. The interior reflect the owners’ personal vision of luxury, featuring a meticulously crafted cabin in Mandarin and Imperial Blue leather, accented with Open Pore Koa Veneer. The inclusion of the Bentley airline seat specification for the rear seats, a Naim for Bentley audio system, and mood lighting further elevates the driving experience.

This Bentayga EWB is a “One of One” edition, distinguished by its bespoke features including self-levelling Bentley wheel badges, rear privacy glass, and the deletion of Bentley lettering on the tailgate. The vehicle’s duo-tone theme extends to the 22” ten-spoke wheels and is harmoniously integrated throughout the vehicle’s design.

Introducing the first two-tone Bentley Bentayga EWB

The success of this commission underscores a growing trend among Bentley customers toward personal commissions, a movement that has seen a significant increase in Mulliner content across Bentley vehicles. In 2023, approximately 75% of all new Bentleys featured Mulliner content, highlighting a 43% year-on-year increase in customer commissions.

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