lifestyle /real estate Live in the Heart of Istanbul: Quasar Residences Quasar Residences, which is the joint work of two world-famous design offices, offers you a unique life with the most fascinating views of Istanbul.
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In the heart of Istanbul, Quasar changes the flow of the city and redefines living standards with a sense of excellence. The new generation offices of the project carry your business life to the sky, while the shops designed with a boutique architecture bring an out-of-line approach.

Certified for its concept of quality and excellence, Quasar Istanbul will give you more than you ever expected. Viatrans A.Ş. has signed its name to many “firsts” at Quasar Istanbul, where you will get acquainted with a brand new and magnificent model of life.

Live in the Heart of Istanbul: Quasar Residences
Courtesy of Quasar Istanbul
Live in the Heart of Istanbul: Quasar Residences
Courtesy of Quasar Istanbul

You must have heard the term “central location” described to you dozens of times in different projects. But using that term to describe Quasar Istanbul, which you probably pass by in front of every day, is definitely inadequate.

Located right at the exit of Mecidiyeköy, Quasar is not just a city center; it’s the heart of Istanbul. This special project, the Liqueur factory that has been preserved in its original form, together with the historical trees that surround it, is like a peaceful and elegant oasis right in the middle of the city’s busiest location.

Live in the Heart of Istanbul: Quasar Residences
Courtesy of Quasar Istanbul
About Viatrans

Viatrans A.Ş. is a 100% Swiss capital firm established in Turkey in 2008. Aiming to reflect the Swiss perfectionism in all project details, Viatrans A.Ş. considers the Quasar Istanbul project to mark the first of many and plans to display its sincere and strong approach in new projects in Istanbul, in Turkey and all around the world. Viatrans A.Ş. acquired the land of the Former Liquor Factory belonging to Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Company in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy through the revenue sharing model in return for land share.

The Swiss-based Viatrans A.Ş. aims to develop internationally acknowledged, premium quality, exclusive projects on the said land.

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