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Vegetable-focused progressive French cuisine at the Arpege, Paris by Alain Passard

Chef Alain Passard homages the simplest ingredients and creates something incredibly unique. Share

Opened in 1986, the Arpege is a pearl of the contemporary French cuisine in Paris; thanks to the signature of Chef Alain Passard, who took charge of the restaurant, previously owned by his teacher, Alain Senderens. Its name is an homage to the Arts, of which the Chef is particularly passionate.

Not by chance, his dishes are artistically presented, easy to remain impressed by only looking at them. What makes this place unique, isn’t only the food cutting-edge and the capable hands of Passard, but also the quality of its ingredients, carefully selected by the restaurant’s vegetable garden, located in the Sarthe region.

In 2001, the Chef decided to focus more on vegetable, making it the inspiring muse for his creations. All ingredients are organic, delivered fresh from the vegetable garden to the plate.

Thus, Passard adds complex cooking techniques to reveal its potential. Even though, we find meat dishes in the menu, the Arpege specialty is not the foie gras, as you might expect, instead is beetroot tartar or the dessert, Bouquet de Roses: a delicious apple tart, which combine the taste and aroma of the fruit and the flower.

Vegetable-focused progressive French cuisine at the Arpege, Paris  by Alain Passard
Photo: Courtesy of L'Arpege

Alain Passard uses his experience and talent to make from simple components sophisticated dishes, rich in flavor. He mostly uses the open flame technique, Passard said that, he loves to observe and listen to the sound while cooking with the open flame.

There is a variety of menus of which diners are spoiled for choice, according to the freshest ingredients, like the Gardener’s Lunch or the Terre and Mer menu. Among his unique creations, there is the hot-cold poached egg; a warm yolk with sherry vinegar infused whipped cream and maple syrup.

Address: Arpege, 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007, Paris

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