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Savor & connect at Blue Hill Stone Barns, New York, US

At Blue Hill, you are transported in a gastronomy journey through the ingredients before being picked, the cooking process, until tasting.
by Elisa Di Folco

In the city that never sleeps, out of the roads and skyscrapers, you will find, immersed in a bucolic scenery, Blue Hill, located at Stone Barns Centre for Food and Agriculture. This stunning spot is absolutely unique; its concept is to connect with food, by seeing and understanding the process of nurturing and cooking ingredients.

During a dinner, Chef Dan Barber carefully describes the dishes and explains the characteristics of each ingredient. Guests are taken to a tour around the farm and greenhouse, to show the process of farming their products before diners have the chance to taste them.

Savor & connect at Blue Hill Stone Barns, New York, US
Photo: Courtesy of Blue Hill

A course of 30 bites, includes dishes with seasonal products, which follow a specific theme, as the Wild things menu of April or Tisane in June. Barber’s ability is to know the ingredient in detail and derive from it new flavors, through studied cooking processes. The result, is a sophisticated dish based on simple and fresh products.

A relaxing ambient, in a natural landscape, is the cherry on top of the whole experience at Blue Hill. The venue presents a rustic atmosphere and an elegant saloon-like room.

Address: 630 Bedford Road, Tarrytown, Pocantico Hills, New York 10591


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