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Azurmendi by Eneko Atxa, Larrabetzu, Spain

“Connecting with our roots to dream, travel, discover, feel a territory, and fly to reach the same starting point, Azurmendi is my home”, Eneko Atxa. Share

Located in Larrabetzu and integrated into the hillside with native vineyards, Azurmendi is a unique bioclimatic building. Moreover, it is a facility integrated in the surrounding nature where the team intensively works on sustainable development and gastronomy as cultural heritage and as a right for future generations.

Eneko Atxa’s passion and sensitivity, his cultural roots, links with the environment and its products, and the traditional Basque culinary recipes have been and continue to be the foundations of each of his creations. All this presents an attempt to create pleasure, achieve excellence, and generate value, while sharing wealth and knowledge. In short, he creates a very personal experience and grows in a sustained and sustainable way.

Azurmendi by Eneko Atxa, Larrabetzu, Spain
Azurmendi by Eneko Atxa, Larrabetzu, Spain
Photo: Courtesy of Azurmendi

To understand Eneko Atxa’s kitchen, you have to understand who he is, where he was born, his family, his friends, his environment, his culture, his education, his travels, his tastes, etc. That is what conditions him to do what does in the kitchen does, that is his origin.

Incidentally, the Azurmendi restaurant was designed and built with priority on sustainability, a fundamental pillar of the Eneko Atxa philosophy. The building’s design allow it to generate a space where the limits are broken and modern architecture is mixed with nature, entering the interior and extending through the external cover where the sustainability center is housed.

Azurmendi is the place where culture, customs, and way of doing things walk together towards the future. A sea of ​​authenticity where you feel the tradition and the cutting edge. The essence, intensity, and flavor of the cuisine of Eneko Atxa. His cooking is a journey in time, from yesterday to tomorrow, the love for traditions, crafts, and the contemporary, towards a place simply called pleasure. Landmark pleasure.