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Dior Cruise Collection 2019, Paris

Dior recently live- streamed their 2019 Cruise Collection just outside of Paris. This new collection is inspired by female Mexican rodeo's riding wear, perfectly fitting to its location at the Chantilly Great Stables. Share

Dior’s designer, Maria Grazia is known for her feminist statements on the catwalks and in her new collection (The Cruise Collection) she certainly did not disappoint. Grazia has been praised for her vision, as her new 2019 collection is inspired by the female Mexican rodeo, Grazia herself stating that the focus is of course not on the horses, but on the empowering notion that females can be whatever they want to be.

The collection, inspired by the glamorous female rodeo’s featured embroidered gowns, traditional lace garments and multi- coloured pieces. Grazia is famous for modernising the traditional, and adding a twist- which she certainly did. The pieces were stunning yet not out dated. This effortlessly combined the powerful female and her fierce nature with the romantic and delicate. The signature rodeo look was also created on the catwalk as the waists of the models were synched in tightly, with the garment or with a belt.

The pieces seemed authentic to their source of inspiration, with jackets embroidered with animals into the traditional toile de Jouy patterns, and the models wearing straw sombreros (designed by Stephen Jones). Grazia was also able to add a touch of femininity to these garments, by embellishments and lace, however, whilst still providing the fierce look with leather and bold colours, these two combined together, although juxtaposing, worked effortlessly on the catwalk.

The designer wanted to stay true to the craftsmanship, whilst not turning away from the way Dior is famous for being crafted. Grazia stated that Chantilly is famous for its lace, inspiring a lot of the garments- however they created it in a more rustic way, with cotton and mesh. The garments also nodded towards the Mexican inspired themes in subtler ways as many of the pieces featured embroidered fauna which is native to Mexico.

The live- stream catwalk was set outside, at a chateau’s stables in Chantilly, 30 miles from Paris. Whilst it poured down with rain, this only added to the excitement of the escaramuzas on horseback riding round the stables. The models were wet with rain, only adding to their fierce, powerful looks. Grazia wanted to demonstrate that women can fit in by dressing as themselves, which ties perfectly to the elegant but fierce female rodeo’s. The designer catwalk, whilst demonstrating its stunning new collection for 2019 also worked towards making a statement- that femininity and feminism can work together and one does not have to come without the other.

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