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Introducing the MB&F LM FlyingT Onyx

The Legacy Machine FlyingT has evolved with editions in white gold, red gold, platinum, and special gemstone dials, reflecting MB&F's continuous exploration and homage to femininity. Share

In the ever-evolving tapestry of human experience, both individual and collective lives unfold in patterns marked by cyclical flows of creativity and innovation. This philosophical observation is vividly embodied in the journey of Maximilian Büsser and his brainchild, MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends). Rooted in a belief that creative endeavours flourish in seven-year cycles, MB&F’s trajectory is a key characteristic of its rhythmic progression. The seventh year heralded the inception of the Legacy Machine collection and the opening of the inaugural M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva, and the exploration of MB&F co-creations, marking pivotal milestones in the company’s history.

The fourteenth year of MB&F’s odyssey unveiled yet another horizon of horological exploration as it was this year that the Legacy Machine FlyingT, MB&F’s ode to femininity, was launched, becoming the first among MB&F’s horological art pieces to draw inspiration from women. The FlyingT encapsulates an amalgam of elegance, dynamism, and personal intimacy, attributes that resonate with the feminine influences in Büsser’s life.

The Legacy Machine FlyingT features a round case available in gold or platinum, adorned with a high dome of sapphire crystal and a bezel that gently curves to meet slender, elongated lugs. Beneath this domed crystal, a variety of dial plates are offered, each bearing its own unique finish—from liquidly black lacquer and guilloché to gemstone-laden or diamond-encrusted surfaces, showcasing the versatility and depth of MB&F’s artistic expression.

Central to the FlyingT’s allure is its cinematic flying tourbillon, a dynamic, kinetic sculpture that projects above the movement, crowned with a single, large diamond that rotates in tandem with the tourbillon.

Introducing the MB&F LM FlyingT Onyx

Positioned discreetly at the 7 o’clock mark is a dial that displays the hours and minutes, viewable only by the wearer, reinforcing the timepiece’s intimate nature. The engine is a marvel of mechanical ingenuity, boasting an automatic winding rotor shaped like a radiant sun, which provides a four-day power reserve. This horological masterpiece was initially introduced in three white gold editions, all set with diamonds, and later expanded to include limited editions in red gold and platinum. The FlyingT’s design journey began with Maximilian Büsser’s contemplation of creating a timepiece that pays homage to the feminine forces in his life.

“The last thing I wanted to do,” says Maximilian Büsser, “was to take a masculine timepiece, resize it, put a different colour on it and call it a ladies’ watch.” Each MB&F creation is drawn together in a complex process that is equal parts original Max Büsser concept, design finesse by Eric Giroud, and mechanical ingenuity by the in-house technical team.

Redefining the Legacy Machine case for the FlyingT involved meticulous adjustments to enhance its femininity and elegance. The case’s dimensions were carefully considered to emphasize the sapphire crystal dome, while the lugs underwent a transformation to present a more graceful silhouette.

The use of asymmetry in FlyingT’s design—from the placement of the time display to the configuration of the tourbillon—adds a layer of intrigue and uniqueness to the timepiece. This design approach, coupled with references to femininity such as the solar motif of the winding rotor, illustrates MB&F’s dedication to exploring new dimensions of horological artistry. The FlyingT’s movement architecture diverges from traditional approaches, adopting a vertical and co-axial strategy that allows the flying tourbillon to boldly extend beyond the dial plate.

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