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Introducing the HYT Hastroid Blue Star

This limited-edition timepiece, encased in lightweight yet robust magnesium, pushes the horological boundaries with its unique fluidic time indication. Share

Hyper-technical, sleek, and electrifying—with the new Hastroid Blue Star, HYT yet again pushes the boundaries of materials used in horology. Nonconformists at heart, the pioneers of fluidic time chose magnesium for the case and a subtle metallic blue gradient for the case middle to give this new evolution a head start on modernity. This extraordinary timepiece is driven by a hybrid mechanical hand-wound caliber with a mesmerizing power reserve of 65 hours. The balance spring with a Phillips terminal curve, combined with the Glucydur balance wheel, offers unparalleled precision.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Blue Star

HYT’s technical prowess can be seen not only in the fluidic module but also in its in-house-developed jumping minute hand module. The synchrony of these two technically complex modules is a testament to HYT’s unrivalled horological skills. The genius of this design lies in its fluidic module which houses two immiscible liquids—one colored and one transparent. A meniscus separates the two, marking the passage of time. As the coloured liquid advances, the transparent one recedes, engaging in a captivating dance of progression and regression, embodying the eternal cycle of time.

The intricacy and technical mastery of this fluidic technology is unmatched. It is the outcome of a decade of research and development, involving a team of scientists, engineers, and watchmakers who worked in concert to turn this revolutionary concept into reality.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Blue Star

The HYT Hastroid Blue Star’s innovative characteristics extend to its strap, too. The timepiece is secured on the wrist with a futuristic-looking, black rubber strap. This avant-garde accessory, a masterstroke in comfort and durability, perfectly complements the timepiece’s overall aesthetics, further enhancing its contemporary appeal. The strap is connected to a blue PVD-coated titanium folding buckle that ensures a perfect fit.

In addition, the HYT Hastroid Blue Star displays an insatiable pursuit of detail. Tiny touches such as the applied indexes and numerals with Super-LumiNova, the angled and polished outer ring, and the vertical satin-finished inner ring, demonstrate meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The minute and second counters’ hands are rhodium-plated and diamond-cut, creating a play of light that accentuates the high-end finishing and the sharp geometry of the timepiece.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Blue Star

The fluid dynamism of the Hastroid Blue Star is not only reflected in its technical construction but also in its aesthetic design. It takes its name from its strikingly vibrant electric blue dial, which radiates like a cosmic star, creating a captivating visual experience. The transition from the dark periphery to the lighter center creates an illusion of depth, reminiscent of the infinite depths of the cosmos.

Indeed, the Hastroid Blue Star is more than just a timepiece—it’s a statement. It represents an audacious expression of time, the fusion of cutting-edge science and traditional watchmaking. It’s a declaration of individuality for those who dare to defy convention, challenging the status quo with its progressive aesthetics and groundbreaking mechanics. With its daring use of materials, innovative design, and unparalleled technical sophistication, the HYT Hastroid Blue Star is indeed a beacon in the world of haute horlogerie, boldly illuminating the path to the future of watchmaking.

Guide Price
CHF 79,000
Limited Edition of 20 pieces
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