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Franck Muller Curvex CX Master Jumper

The new Master Jumper is the result of a solid partnership spanning more than twenty years and a genuine friendship between Franck Muller and Dubail Paris. Share

Franck Muller, in the pursuit of its pioneering craftsmanship, is gifting horological connoisseurs with an unparalleled novelty—a signature timepiece, the “Master Jumper”. Housing an entirely in-house movement, this remarkable watch offers an extraordinary complication of jumping hours, minutes, and date. With three apertures positioned on an exquisitely crafted dial, it provides a fresh interpretation of time-keeping.

Ever committed to its roots in designing groundbreaking timepieces, Franck Muller reinforces its aspiration through this remarkable collection to craft a watchmaking style that reveres its rich past while concurrently presenting a reimagined perspective of reading time. Since its establishment in 1992, Franck Muller has consistently merged audacity and creativity with superlative watchmaking finesse. The eponymous “Master of Complications” continually presents novel functions and unconventional time readings, leading to annual world premieres and the filing of new patents.

Franck Muller Curvex CX Master Jumper

Now, with immense pride, Franck Muller unveils the Master Jumper collection. This innovative design eliminates traditional watch hands and instead introduces five discs, displaying hour, minute, and date numerals. As each hour passes, the gear train prompts the disc to leap one step, altering the time in the topmost aperture of the dial. Center-placed minutes, utilizing two discs for units and tens, bestow this mechanical marvel with a digital time display.

A pioneering revelation, the jumping hours and minutes are further enriched by a third aperture displaying a Grande Date with a jump feature. Two discs facilitate the date alteration with a leap, an engineering challenge demanding the utmost precision. This watch thus presents an engrossing spectacle, with the hours, minutes, and date dynamically shifting in an entrancing leap. This handless operation is a true testament to horological skill, demanding immaculate indexing of all displays and exceptional watchmaking expertise.

Franck Muller Curvex CX Master Jumper

The timepiece’s three apertures are positioned equidistantly and vertically on the dial, emphasizing the successful execution of the symmetrical and minimalist arrangement of this triptych. By integrating the triple jumping functions of hour, minute, and date on one dial, this remarkable timepiece reaffirms Franck Muller’s profound expertise in complications, reaffirming his well-deserved reputation as the “Master of Complications”.

In the latest rendition of its distinctive tonneau shape, the Cuvex CX, Franck Muller showcases this novel complication. Commemorating the brand’s 30th anniversary, this redesigned case features a sapphire crystal stretching from 12 to 6 o’clock, extending to the bracelet and offering an unparalleled view of the dial.

Franck Muller Curvex CX Master Jumper

This audacious design accentuates the watch’s curves and offers an unimpeded view of the dial with its new guilloché, inspired by a twisted “Clous de Paris”, creating an impression of movement on the dial and rich reflections due to its multifaceted nature. It has been arranged here in two distinct circles to spotlight the complications. This final touch endows the timepiece with a singular style that merges tradition and modernity. With a slim bezel beneath the sapphire crystal accentuating the triple jumping complication, this collection offers a classic and elegant finish.

Continuing its esteemed lineage of the Master Square, Master Banker, and Master Calendar, Franck Muller propels forward with this new collection. Benefiting from a durable partnership spanning two decades and rooted in genuine friendship, Franck Muller has chosen to launch its new Master Jumper with Dubail Paris via a special series presented exclusively in the Dubail boutiques in Paris, located in Place Vendôme and the Champs Elysées.

Franck Muller Curvex CX Master Jumper

These boutiques, belonging to the Dubail family in Paris, provide an idyllic backdrop for the introduction of this new collection. In this extraordinary venture, offering a technical and aesthetic reinterpretation of time passage, Franck Muller and Dubail Paris are collaboratively authoring the forthcoming chapter in the illustrious narrative of Haute Horlogerie.

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