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Cuisine according to Guy Savoy, Paris – France

“Cuisine is the art of instantly transforming produce rich with history into joy”. Share

Being mindful of the history of its variety and the years its refinement demands; the life story of each product, its idiosyncrasies, the vagaries of its past. For Guy Savoy, cooking is a day-to-day discipline where time and toil meet in a practice entirely subservient to sight, touch, smell and taste: culinary reality is resolutely a product of the senses. Guy Savoy’s cuisine is first and foremost an expression of his sensitivity and his passion.

A meal at Restaurant Guy Savoy is a union of the skills of the chef, the kitchen brigade and the front of house team, combining to show in the best possible light the array of produce offered up by our planet; the fruits of the labours of the very best farmers, producers and winemakers, all of whom recognise their shared heritage. “Nothing is off limits when one respects and honours produce.”

To dine at Restaurant Guy Savoy is to experience a subtle, succinct interplay of flavours, working freely in harmony.

The execution of a recipe demands precision. Each chef has learned to master cooking methods, to transform produce, to manipulate flavours and seasonality, working to achieve both harmony and contrast. This is what Guy Savoy terms “just the right moment”, a complex process which takes place in the kitchen, out of sight of the diner.

The work of an artist? “No ” Guy Savoy stresses, “the work of a craftsman.

Each ingredient achieves perfection in texture, in cooking method, in taste; it is this instant, visible magic- which he terms “transformation”- which so excites Guy Savoy and which has sustained him for so many years. This joy, the wellspring of creativity, is brought to life at the stove and reaches its peak on the palate of the guest.

Address: Restaurant Guy Savoy, Monnaie De Paris, 11, Quai De Conti, 75006 Paris, France

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