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OCN Resorts & Residences will soon offer sustainable luxury stays in Mexico’s Puerto Escondido

Set to open its doors in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in the summer of 2024, OCN Resorts & Residences marries unsurpassed opulence with ecological responsibility. Share

Nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of Puerto Escondido, the upcoming OCN Resorts & Residences promises an encounter with luxury that is as breathtaking as its surroundings. Set to open in the Summer of 2024, OCN Resorts & Residences is not merely a destination; it is a sanctuary teeming with life and luxury that seamlessly integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of its operations.

OCN, set on the picturesque Palmarito Beach, will redefine elite travel with its harmonious blend of world-class amenities and exceptional culinary experiences. The resort, flourishing amidst the lush jungle ecosystem, plays host to over 142 different species of birds, and provides a refuge for endangered wildlife, serving as a constant reminder of OCN’s commitment to sustainable luxury.

OCN Resorts & Residences will soon offer sustainable luxury stays in Mexico’s Puerto Escondido

Accommodation at the OCN Resorts & Residences is a synonym for grandeur. Offering luxury vacation villas and units available for purchase, each villa features a private pool, crafting a perfect retreat for guests. The resort’s strategic position, with direct access to an international airport servicing flights to and from major U.S. and Canadian airports, makes it a particularly attractive location to book a stay.

The Casita Studio, though small and simple, is a complete package with one bedroom, a kitchenette, a full bathroom, a private pool, and a rooftop, making it an ideal option for a cosy, solitary retreat. For those travelling with friends or children, the Nativo Villa offers ample space and amenities with its two bedrooms, two kitchenettes, two full bathrooms, and a private pool. For an added touch of luxury, the Ola Villa, complete with one bedroom, dressing room, living room, terrace, cellar, kitchen, a full and a half bathroom, and a private pool, promises an indulgent stay.

OCN Resorts & Residences will soon offer sustainable luxury stays in Mexico’s Puerto Escondido

At the heart of OCN’s culinary endeavours is acclaimed chef Brad Kilgore. The James Beard Award-winning chef will bring his creativity to OCN’s kitchens, creating a lineup of stellar culinary concepts. From omakase dining experiences to a world-class restaurant and a mezcal house, guests will savour the delights of an unforgettable dining experience, reflecting the local culture of Puerto Escondido.

Adventure enthusiasts and those seeking mindfulness will find OCN to be a haven. The resort offers a wide array of recreational activities, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the nearby Laguna de Manialtepec, a bioluminescent lagoon. Whether it’s late-night swims in the glowing waters or water skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding under the tropical sun, there are activities to cater to every taste.

OCN Resorts & Residences will soon offer sustainable luxury stays in Mexico’s Puerto Escondido

Echoing its commitment to preserving the precious ecosystem of Puerto Escondido, OCN incorporates innovative architectural practices that help minimize its ecological footprint. The design and construction process and daily operations are marked by sustainability, as OCN strives to maximize guests’ connection with nature while maintaining harmony with its natural surroundings.

With a high staff-to-guest ratio, 24-hour concierge service, high-speed internet access, and round-the-clock security, every need and desire is catered to. In-house car services ensure free transportation into Puerto Escondido and airport transfers, adding an extra layer of comfort to the guest’s stay. OCN Resorts & Residences will open its doors in the Summer of 2024.

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