Billionaire Dubai

A bustling venue creatively transitioning between a dinner show and full scale state-of-the-art nightclub
Billionaire Dubai, Nightclub, Business Bay, Dubai

Launched in June 2022, Billionaire is a nocturnal adventure offering a luxury dining concept paired with nightlife, consisting of special shows and spectacular entertainment that double up as a multisensorial, dynamic and captivating dinner show concept.

Billionaire Dubai is the “rendez-vous” for the International Jet-Set and A-list clientele including stars of show business, fashion and sports who are visiting Dubai. Expect high-end niche events, International DJs, artist performances, and famous faces within the crowd.

Crafted by Flavio Briatore, the space regularly hosts the world’s leading artists and DJs to create an electrifying atmosphere all year long. Some of the internationally acclaimed names to perform at our venue include Jason Derulo, Will and Jaden Smith, Bob Sinclar, Andrea Bocelli, Timati, and many more.

Billionaire Dubai
Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa Blvd
Business Bay, Dubai
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