BLU Dubai

A magnetic music venue with breathtaking views of the city and Dubai Water Canal
BLU Dubai, Nightclub, Business Bay, Dubai

An unbridled celebration of sight, sound, scene and view, BLU Dubai offers the alluring versatility of a VIP experience in one captivating, multi-level venue in a beautiful skyscraper located in the centre of Al Habtoor City.

With state-of-the-art space and different areas, BLU features dynamic visual and lighting elements, a smartly curated combination of both premier and up-and-coming DJ talent and internationally renowned artists.

The nightclub and sky lounge situated in Al Habtoor City, Dubai, doesn’t just offer an entertainment venue where you can enjoy the best of the music world but is set atop the V Hotel. Unwind and relax on your journey to BLU in luxury guest rooms and indulge in unparalleled gastronomy without leaving the venue.

BLU Dubai
32nd floor, V-Hotel, Al Habtoor
Business Bay, Dubai
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