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Camilluccia 535 is a sanctuary of elite living in Rome

Camilluccia 535, located in Rome's prestigious Vittoria district, offers three distinct apartments, each a paragon of luxury and design. Share

In the heart of Rome’s prestigious Vittoria district, a rare gem of exclusivity and luxury finds its place. Camilluccia 535, an ultra-exclusive residential development, offers an unparalleled lifestyle, marrying modern luxury with sustainability. With only three units available, this development truly defines the epitome of opulence.

The three distinct apartments at Camilluccia 535 provide a glimpse into elite living, each a masterpiece of design and comfort. The Penthouse is a lavish 2,648-square-foot, two-level space with terraces totaling 2,938 square feet, boasting breathtaking views and open spaces. The First-Floor Unit, spanning 2,648 square feet with 1,108-square-foot terraces, is distinguished by its own private swimming pool. Meanwhile, the Second-Floor Unit offers a 2,583-square-foot haven with 990-square-foot terraces, equipped with hydromassage spaces, creating an exquisite trio of refined residences that epitomize luxury and sophistication.

Camilluccia 535 is a sanctuary of elite living in Rome

Camilluccia 535 sets a new standard in eco-friendly luxury. Rated A4, the highest energy classification in the European Union, this development employs a photovoltaic system and innovative construction techniques for walls, pavements, and fixtures. The “smart” units offer the future of home automation. From home theaters to appliances, lighting, room temperature, and even the alarm and video security systems, everything can be remotely controlled, blending convenience with modernity.

The soundproof residences feature floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to flood the interiors, adding a therapeutic touch. The first-floor apartment’s private swimming pool and the hydromassage spaces in the other units emphasize wellness, offering a personal sanctuary to unwind. Camilluccia 535 extends beyond the apartments, offering amenities that rival a self-contained small town. The communal area in the garden includes a children’s playground, an outdoor gym space, and a lounge, providing opportunities to socialize and relax.

Camilluccia 535 is a sanctuary of elite living in Rome

The private covered parking garage adds to the convenience, ensuring residents have everything they need within the development. Named after its residential neighborhood, Camilluccia 535 is a commitment to luxury and elegance. It’s a development that doesn’t just provide a place to live but an experience that resonates with refinement and exclusivity.

From architectural mastery to the emphasis on wellness, technology, and sustainability, Camilluccia 535 is a residential offering that stands alone. It’s a place for those who seek the extraordinary and who understand that luxury is not just about material possessions but a lifestyle that celebrates the finest aspects of human creativity and innovation.

Camilluccia 535 is a sanctuary of elite living in Rome

In a city known for its rich history and architectural wonders, Camilluccia 535 stands as a testament to Rome’s continuous evolution, embracing the future without losing touch with its elegant roots.

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