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Urwerk UR-120 Space Black

This black cosmic creation fuses advanced technology, celestial inspiration, and a touch of science fiction, captivating horological enthusiasts across the galaxies. Share

The UR-120 marks a fresh phase in the ongoing evolution of the URWERK lineage. This incarnation furthers the principles of the UR-110 series while innovatively reshaping its concept. The focus was to create a sleeker, smoother, and more elegant design, which led the team to redesign the entire satellite system. Now, each satellite comprises two sub-elements, making it thinner, enhancing readability, and imparting an unparalleled fluidity.

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black

The UR-120 introduces a novel revolving satellite complication for time-telling: analog minutes and a pioneering split-open digital hour satellite mounted on planetary gears. The unique hour satellite transforms into the form of a V-shaped open hand. This time indicator rotates on its own axis, parting smoothly to reveal its secrets.

Powered by the advanced UR-20.01 self-winding calibre, the watch showcases a harmonious combination of beryllium-copper, grey PVD brass, black-PVD and black-rhodium, anodized aluminium, ARCAP, titanium, and LIGA-processed nickel. The meticulous hand-finishing delivers a sublime blend of circular- and straight-graining, sandblasted côtes de Genève, and polished screw heads. Housed within sandblasted titanium walls and a steel bezel coated in black DLC treatment and silicon (SI), the watch exudes a robust and modern aesthetic.

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black

The UR-120, driven by the caliber UR-20.01, encapsulates celestial energy within its intricate mechanism. The central carousel, fitted with three arms, elegantly bears the satellites that carry the hour markers on all four sides. As the satellite navigates the minute track, it arrives at the left part of the case, triggering a series of movements. The satellite splits open to reveal two rectangular studs that assume a V-shape, echoing the Vulcan salute. Once separated, both studs rotate on their own axis and close, all to display the new hour unit.

The engine of this timepiece spacecraft undergoes a triple revolution: the satellite-bearing carousel spins on a central axis, each satellite counter-rotates to maintain an upright and readable position, and each stud spins on its own axis.

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black

Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and master watchmaker of URWERK, articulates his excitement about the extraordinary challenges encountered during the UR-120’s development: “The component governing the partition of our satellite time alone comprises over 175 elements. These intricate parts, meticulously crafted with our CNC machines, perform with micrometre-level precision. The ‘Vulcan salute’ complication that we envisioned and materialized, while signifying ‘live long and prosper’, indeed cost us countless hours and a significant amount of stress. However, the outcome is undoubtedly a testament to our efforts. This accomplishment is nothing short of remarkable!”

The UR-120 serves as a striking example of ergonomic genius, marrying form and function harmoniously with its dimensions of 44mm in length, 47mm in width, and 15.8mm in thickness. Featuring a seamless, screw-less upper part of the case, the UR-120 exudes a flawless silhouette.

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