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Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph

The 1969 Chronograph 40MM is the distilled expression of the high-watchmaking approach for which Singer Reimagined has become known, powered by the latest version of the revolutionary Agengraphe movement. Share

Singer Reimagined timepieces are, at their core, an ode to the vintage aesthetics of the iconic watches from the 60s and 70s. The 1969 collection pushes this homage to the era even further. The 1969 Chronograph, a true representation of Singer Reimagined’s high horology philosophy, houses the latest version of the renowned Agengraphe caliber. With a novel time display, superior readability, and an award-winning 60-hour chronograph function taking the spotlight on the dial, the timepiece has been ingeniously condensed to a compact 40mm.

Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph

The central dial, exhibiting chronographic information in true Singer fashion, showcases centrally mounted seconds, jumping minutes, and jumping hours hands, all aligned with the same base-60 scale. The introduction of a new 40mm stainless-steel case, revamped displays, and a brand-new metal strap forms the essentials of this soon-to-be iconic timepiece, designed to complement any wrist size.

Cloaked in an intensely rich and sophisticated piano-black lacquer finish, the dial is adorned with an applied signature golden crown ring, infusing an iconic and pleasantly surprising element. These features are accentuated by a domed glass-box sapphire crystal, visually projecting the dial beyond its metallic border. Singer chronographs stand out as the only timepieces capable of tracking events up to 60 hours.

Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph

The daily time indication is presented at the bottom of the dial, using two disks rotating beneath the dial surface, with graphics and time indication arrows executed in SuperLuminova. A concealed automatic winding system, positioned beneath the dial, complements the 72-hour power reserve, allowing an unobstructed view of the intricately finished caliber 6365, comprising 491 components and 56 jewels.

The Singer 1969 chronograph bears a case size of 40mm – a design that is elegant yet subtle, designed to fit any wrist. This design evolution stems from comprehensive ergonomic and functional studies. The case is fashioned from stainless steel, a solid and luxuriously finished timeless material. Brushed surfaces and polished edges, a signature of Singer, are meticulously executed to deliver a jewel-like charm.

Singer Reimagined 1969 Chronograph

The two-piece case features a domed glass-box sapphire crystal, instantly invoking a retro aesthetic reminiscent of classic timepieces. Its robust curves, highlighted by mirror-polished edges, infuse a sense of dynamism and velocity. The stainless-steel bracelet is a blend of two contrasting elements – the edgy brushed “H” links, inspired by racetracks’ curb shape, offer a vibrant, contrasting effect. Conversely, the rounded polished center links provide smooth reflections and sparks of light, ensuring outstanding wearability and comfort.

Brushed sloping facets complemented by polished chamfers visually extend the case profile with polished edges – a hallmark of the brand. With its tapering design from 22 to 18mm, the new bracelet, incorporating an adjustable fitting system nested in the folding clasp, is optimized for a broad spectrum of wrist sizes. The AGH 6365 movement is a reengineered version of the award-winning Agengraph, featuring updated displays to enhance functionalities and fit perfectly within the new 40mm housing.

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CHF 51,000
Limited Edition of 50 pieces
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