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Louis Vuitton Escale Cabinet of Wonders Collection

Powered by the calibre LFT023 movement, these limited-edition watches are a testament to Louis Vuitton's legacy in high-end watchmaking, blending art with precision. Share

In an artistic tribute to Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s fascination with over 800 ornate Japanese katana sword guards, Louis Vuitton’s latest offering marries its masterful craftsmanship with an extraordinary celebration of artistry. Under the strategic vision of Jean Arnault, appointed director in 2021, the brand reiterates its standing as a high-end watchmaking powerhouse through a blend of bold innovation, refreshing aesthetics, and a steadfast commitment to age-old decorative artistry.

Harnessing the expertise of La Fabrique du Temps atelier and the collective genius at La Fabrique des Arts workshop, this trio of timepieces draws direct inspiration from Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s revered collections, presenting a splendid demonstration of the brand’s mastery over diverse métiers d’art. The Louis Vuitton Escale collection, making a notable return since its vibrant debut in 2014, features designs reminiscent of the historical markings on Louis Vuitton steamer trunks. The latest iterations receive a nuanced redesign; the polished bezel is gently curved for a softer profile, and the hands are now lance-shaped and faceted for enhanced luminosity.

Echoing the esteemed Gaston-Louis Vuitton, each piece is adorned with his initials (GLV) and a distinct coloured stone inside the crown, encased in 40mm of white and rose gold, with hand-engraved Seigaiha wave patterns adorning the case middles and buckles.

Crafted under the supervision of Marie Boutteçon at La Fabrique des Arts Louis Vuitton, Koi’s Garden presents a serene aquatic scene with two lifelike carps amidst river-worn pebbles on its dial. The intricate process involves sculpting the carps in white gold, hand engraving, kiln oxidization, and partial oxide layer removal to achieve a lustrous effect on the scales, culminating with a finishing touch of translucent blue lacquer.

Snake’s Junglel introduces a vivid portrayal of a snake set against a lush backdrop, ready to strike at the GLV monogram. The detailed bamboo forest is the result of a 367-piece marquetry puzzle by Rose Saneuil, while the serpent, crafted and engraved in white gold by Eddy Jaquet, displays engraved V-strokes and Monogram flowers filled with champlevé enamel for a stunning visual depth.

The trilogy concludes with Dragon’s Cloud, a depiction of a majestic Oriental dragon amid clouds, symbolizing the creature’s connection to sky and water. Fanny Queloz employs the damascening technique for the background, combining gold wires of different hues for a multi-layered texture, while the dragon itself boasts a complex engraving finished with both polished and matte textures, further enhanced by the rare paillonné enamel technique, showcasing gold Monogram flowers set against a black enamel backdrop.

Each masterpiece is powered by calibre LFT023, the inaugural automatic movement crafted by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, featuring a micro-rotor and certified as a chronometer, encapsulating the essence of luxury and precision with a 50-hour power reserve. Mirroring the katana’s braided leather hilts, the collection features exquisite hand-braided calfskin leather straps, complemented by gold pin buckles adorned with wave motifs, cementing the series as a limited edition of 20 pieces each.

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