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Jaquet Droz Dragon Automaton John Howe

A custom-made creation that embodies the vision of Jaquet Droz by bringing the extraordinary and the wonderful to life. Share

After three years of work, Jaquet Droz and John Howe have developed an Art Watch dedicated to emotion, wonder and fantasy. Draped in gold and rare stones, their dragon has a record 9 distinct animations. Inside a 43 mm case, the piece is entirely handmade and can be customized almost without limit by the client.

Thanks to a Studio in the heart of the Jaquet Droz headquarter, clients will be offered an immersive phygital experience that will allow them to witness the live creation of their timepieces. There is no series to be announced, only unique pieces.

Jaquet Droz Dragon Automaton John Howe

The name John Howe is not the most well-known, but most are familiar with his universe and designs: John Howe is the artistic designer for Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies. A fantasy prodigy who has lived in Neuchâtel for 30 years, and who is once again in the spotlight with “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”, which will be released on September 2nd.

Jaquet Droz and John Howe have much in common—the ability to create extraordinary worlds, to give life to wonderful things and emotions, to create animations that speak to the heart and soul – and this is what has brought them together. The ability to astonish, to amaze, to move.

Jaquet Droz Dragon Automaton John Howe

Together, Jaquet Droz and John Howe worked as they have always done—with paper, pencil, and lots of ideas. The theme of their watchmaking collaboration soon became clear: the Dragon. It traverses John Howe’s universe as it does millennia, cultures and continents. Jaquet Droz wanted this Dragon to be alive. And beyond that, with a total of 9 animations, it is probably one of the most complex modern automation watches ever designed. The sequence that animates it is random, in order to preserve all its magic and mystery. The sacred animal’s spine undulates like its tail; its eye and jaw open and close; its tongue moves; its crest rises and falls; its claws grasp a continuously rotating stone.

In accordance with the new Jaquet Droz Vision 8.0, the manufacturers in La Chaux-de-Fonds now only produce unique orders for clients who are themselves unique.

Jaquet Droz Dragon Automaton John Howe

The 43 mm case is finished in the gold of your choice, and Jaquet Droz is already working on the opportunity of using other materials, such as sapphire. The case can either be engraved or left blank. The solid dial can be fully customized, engraved or replaced by a medallion in the stone of your choice. The Dragon, also made of gold and entirely engraved by hand, can have its scales more or less accentuated. It would be futile to list all the possibilities, as they are nearly limitless.

In addition, Jaquet Droz is currently finalizing a brand new phygital solution, installed right in the heart of its headquarters. Open and connected, it will allow clients to see their own Dragon Automatons being created.

This immersive experience is a secret door to some of the richest Métiers d’Art in Fine Watchmaking. They are masterpieces of unique watches with very high added value, embodying the Philosophy of the Unique that has guided the disruptive spirit of Jaquet Droz since 1738.

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