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Introducing the Krayon Anywhere Aurora

Boasting personalized sunrise and sunset indications, the 'Anywhere Aurora' seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with a customized, intimate time-telling experience. Share

Krayon has introduced ‘Anywhere Aurora,’ its first-ever titanium watch in a vibrant green shade. This limited edition of only 25 watches embodies nature’s power and essence. The chosen green hue encapsulates the northern lights, the fertile soil during the onset of spring, rain-kissed grass, lush landscapes, and a sense of boundless adventure. Established in 2017 by Rémi Maillat, the brand has consistently focused on its deep ties to nature, previously exemplifying it through various blue shades inspired by water reflections.

Now, with ‘Anywhere Aurora,’ Krayon ventures into the territory of Grade 5 titanium. This metal is renowned for its lightweight properties, anti-corrosive characteristics, durability, and hypoallergenic nature. Crafting this titanium watch posed several challenges, particularly in soldering and polishing. However, the finished product showcases a radiant and shimmering exterior, all thanks to meticulously polished titanium.

This material also exhibits a unique resistance to scratches, ensuring the watch maintains its allure for years. The mesmerizing green dial is crafted using the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technique, a method that guarantees precision and durability by depositing ultrathin films layer by layer. To achieve the captivating shade of green on the dial, compounds like copper oxide were used.

Introducing the Krayon Anywhere Aurora
Introducing the Krayon Anywhere Aurora

One of the significant features of the ‘Anywhere Aurora’ is its personalized time-telling capability. The watch indicates the exact moments of sunrise and sunset for any location specified by the wearer. This horological marvel syncs the owner with nature’s rhythms, making time-telling a deeply intimate experience. While other watches rely on universal time linked to specific cities, Krayon’s creation can be adjusted according to the wearer’s unique desires.

This watch is a successor to ‘Everywhere,’ an award-winning watch that was recognized for its innovation in 2018. The ‘Anywhere Aurora’ exhibits central hours and minutes hands, accompanied by a sun orbiting on a peripheral ring that indicates a 24-hour time cycle. The visual difference between day and night on the watch depends on one’s geographical location, and this can be adjusted by Krayon’s watchmakers upon request.

Introducing the Krayon Anywhere Aurora

Despite its apparent simplicity, the ‘Anywhere Aurora’ is a blend of elegant design and innovation. The 39mm case is slender at just 9mm, housing the Caliber C030 which is a marvel in craftsmanship. This movement, though seeming simple, is a testament to technical sophistication. The watch also comes with two different straps, one made of calfskin and the other from salmon skin, emphasizing Krayon’s affinity with the water element.

Guide Price
CHF 142,000
Limited Edition of 25 pieces
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