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Introducing the HYT Hastroid Silver Red

The new HASTROID Silver Red highlights the modern and contemporary character of the collection. A limited edition of 15 pieces with curves as perfect as its satin finishes. Share

The Hastroid collection, epitomized by its Silver Red edition, represents a confluence of meticulous engineering and innovative design. The design elements prioritize functionality and legibility, while the movement, designed by Eric Coudray, reveals a depth of craftsmanship that warrants exploration.

Starting with the case, the measurements are precision incarnate. A diameter of 48 mm seamlessly pairs with a lug-to-lug distance of 52.3 mm. Couple that with a thickness of 13.3 mm, and you have a substantial presence on the wrist. These dimensions aren’t just numbers; they represent the culmination of intricate craftsmanship and robust engineering.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Silver Red

The materials chosen for the case are anything but ordinary. Titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties, takes the front stage. Combinations of titanium with carbon, and even more intriguingly, an alloy combining stabilized bronze with carbon, have been used in crafting this collection. This choice not only exhibits durability but also creates a narrative that bridges the timeless charm of the past with the robust aspirations of the future.

The Hastroid Silver Red stands out with a design that is both contemporary and hints at the future. Its case, a fusion of titanium and black DLC titanium, commands attention. The finish on the case is a blend of satin and sandblasted effects, a testimony to the brand’s keen eye for detail.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Silver Red

Legibility, a core tenet for any timepiece, gets a significant upgrade with the Hastroid Silver Red. The central hand, coated in a distinctive red hue, is sharpened, ensuring an immediate focus on the minutes. Adding to this, two sub-counters, reminiscent of cockpit instruments, offer functional insights—the left houses the small seconds, while the right displays the power reserve.

A standout feature is the retrograde time indication fluid. This luminescent red liquid has been developed to ensure that hours are effortlessly discerned, irrespective of the time of day. To provide contrast and aid clarity, a capillary dial with white Super-LumiNova lies beneath this fluidic marvel. Further ensuring ease of time reading, the hour markers around the chapter ring are crafted from blocks of Super-LumiNova.

Introducing the HYT Hastroid Silver Red

With a water resistance up to 30 meters, the Hastroid Silver Red ensures that the intricate movements within remain unharmed. At its core lies a central titanium container, a fortress for the watch movement, shielding it from potential damage.

One cannot discuss the Hastroid without appreciating the heart that powers it. The openworked dial back and the mainplate give enthusiasts a sneak peek into the intricate components of its hand-wound mechanical movement. This movement, a brainchild of Eric Coudray for the Hastroid collection, beautifully blends function with form. The caliber boasts finishes that are both modern and elegant, with satin brushing and bead-blasting providing a distinct aesthetic.

Guide Price
CHF 75,300
Limited Edition of 15 pieces
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