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Introducing the F.P.Journe Divine

Discover the artistry and engineering behind the watch's 18K rose gold movement, the allure of its sapphire moon phase, and a new automatic winding mechanism. Share

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Divine houses a mechanical movement with automatic winding, a marvel of craftsmanship built upon the exclusive Calibre Octa 1300.3. With an exceptional power reserve of over five days—a testament to its extraordinary engineering—this timepiece defies the boundaries of contemporary watchmaking. The incorporation of an 18K rose gold movement, a unique choice that not only adds weight but prestige, sets it in a class apart.

The F.P. Journe rotor in 22K 5N Gold, with its self-locking ball bearing system, represents an epitome of efficiency. Each minuscule movement of the wrist is masterfully utilized, ensuring the watch is always optimally wound. Further enhancing its precision is the variable inertia balance wheel, which provides an unparalleled stability to the Divine’s performance.

Introducing the F.P.Journe Divine

Beyond its technical prowess, the Divine is a study in aesthetic refinement. Its gold dial is graced by the instantaneous large date, displayed prominently, juxtaposed against a retrograde power reserve indicator that subtly spans a 120-hour scale. The delicate dance of the blued steel hands, the captivating sapphire moon phase disk, and the polished steel circle—all are signatures of F.P. Journe’s unparalleled design language.

The whimsy of the dial is brought to life by irregularly sized numerals and playful red dots, introducing a modern flair while maintaining the timepiece’s intrinsic elegance. The moonphase complication, a poetic nod to ancient civilizations, offers wearers a unique perspective on time’s passage, tying the piece to both the past and the present.

Introducing the F.P.Journe Divine

History has long challenged watchmakers to expand the boundaries of autonomy and precision. Church clocks, once placed high above for visibility, required a month for the driving-weights to complete their descent. And while innovations sought to increase operational duration, the small confines of a wristwatch posed significant challenges. The F.P. Journe Divine, however, has managed to encapsulate this horological dream.

The watch’s robust spring, an integration marvel at a stable 1 meter and 1 millimeter thick, ensures rapid automatic winding. With the ability to house a myriad of complications without altering its size, this watch is a magnum opus of design, functionality, and sheer passion.

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