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David Candaux DC1 Titane

The Swiss brand from Vallée de Joux, led by David Candaux, celebrates 30 years of watchmaking excellence with a tribute to the founder's lineage and mentors from the AHCI, including Philippe Dufour. Share

Hailing from the Vallée de Joux, the Swiss marque celebrates three decades of horological excellence with a final homage to both the founder’s father and his mentors within the esteemed Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI), including the legendary Philippe Dufour. Launched in 2017 by the virtuoso watchmaker and engineer David Candaux, the namesake brand is a tribute to the storied Swiss watchmaking tradition of the Vallée de Joux.

Characterized by its understated elegance, much like its creator who finds inspiration in the untamed beauty of his cherished Vallée, the David Candaux watchmaking house has quickly ascended as a paragon among aficionados. The brand’s timepieces, known for their unparalleled aesthetics and superior technical prowess, have become coveted masterpieces among collectors.

David Candaux DC1 Titane

David Candaux reflects, “My watches are a homage to the past while gazing towards the future.” The 2017 steel DC1 collection, with its prominent central second hand and straight lugs, is a nod to the Vallée de Joux’s illustrious watchmaking legacy. Meanwhile, the 2019 titanium DC6 collection ventures into new territory, presenting a personal interpretation of haute horlogerie that signals a bold new direction for the brand. Both the DC1 and DC6 series embody the brand’s ethos: to craft timepieces of eternal elegance, transcending fleeting trends, with a focus on ergonomics, functionality, and user-friendliness.

David Candaux DC1 Titane

The brand’s signature aesthetics, the “Pointe du Risoux” and “Côtes du Solliat” guillochages, pay homage to the landscape—the intricate “Pointe du Risoux” mirrors the aerial view of the renowned Risoux forest, while the “Côtes du Solliat”, a creation of David Candaux, salutes the natural splendor of Solliat, the site of the brand’s atelier.

Innovation takes center stage with the DC1 in titanium, showcasing the patented “Magic Crown” retractable system, a global first, and the signature inclined flying tourbillon, enhancing the timepiece’s precision. The movements within David Candaux’s creations feature the traditional rounded angles reminiscent of the Vallée, with bridges inclined at three degrees, mirroring the serene Lac de Joux. This design ethos speaks to the heart of the Vallée’s proud residents.

David Candaux DC1 Titane

At 45, David Candaux, known affectionately as “L’Ours” of the Jura by his peers, seeks to chart his own course, unleashing his creative vision. His admission to the AHCI in 2017, sponsored by luminaries Philippe Dufour and Miki Eleta, coincided with the debut of the DC1 in Basel, a manifesto of his watchmaking philosophy and the foundation of the David Candaux watch brand.

An avid mountaineer, snorkeler, and Alpine horn player, David Candaux stands as one of the few independent Swiss watchmakers with the capability to design both movements and components from scratch. Over thirty years, he has developed and designed more than 30 inventions, securing patents in his name and for leading watch brands, marking him as a true aesthete in the realm of watchmaking—personal, distinct, timeless, and without compromise.

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