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Armin Strom Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire

A unique collaboration between Armin Strom and influential watch collector Horomariobro becomes a limited edition. Share

The creative and renowned watch collector Horomariobro, dubbed “the King of Macro photography” on Instagram had the desire for Armin Strom to create a unique piece. The result–the Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire with a sapphire dial, a unique highly symmetrical design with exquisite hand decorations–turned out so visually striking that it was decided to share it with an exclusive few. Ten pieces will be available exclusively through Oster Jewelers in Denver, USA, which was also involved in this special collaboration.

“I always loved the idea of having an Armin Strom Resonance timepiece in my collection,” said US West Coast-based watch collector known as @horomariobro on Instagram, who dives deep into haute horlogerie details with his camera. His near-microscopic approach separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to haute horlogerie finishes and has given him a revered position among collectors, not to mention tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Armin Strom Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire

It has also made him a long-time friend of Armin Strom’s retail partner Oster Jewelers in Denver, a pioneering and passionate force for independent watchmaking brands like Armin Strom. Said founder Jeremy Oster: “After a series of conversations with @horomariobro, I reached out to Claude at Armin Strom, and together the three of us created the Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire–a sophisticated dream watch.”

The 42-millimetre steel-cased Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire is the most minimalistic resonance timepiece made in Armin Strom’s fully integrated manufacture in Biel/Bienne. To fulfil Horomariobro’s wishes a sapphire dial has been applied, and the small seconds as well as Armin Strom’s historical lip on the case at 6 o’clock, have been removed.

Armin Strom Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire

Even the logo is omitted, albeit for a subtle AS symbol engraved on a movement component. These radical reductions enhance the overall symmetry and highlight Armin Strom’s extreme in-house abilities for movement production and haute horlogerie decorations. Furthermore, the less-is-more approach enhances the kinetic marvel of the resonance clutch spring connecting the two balance wheels oscillating in resonance towards and away from each other.

“I always loved Armin Strom’s resonance approach from both a physics and a mechanical point of view,” said Horomariobro about the patented invention for improved precision and chronometric stability, developed by Greisler and his team. This is not only visually intriguing but has also become a watch industry benchmark, as it delivers the fastest, best-performing and most shock-resistant resonance solution in the world.

Armin Strom Pure Resonance Ultimate Sapphire

The black PVD-coated gear train bridges are adorned with a unique grain d’orge guilloché pattern by Kari Voutilainen, whereas all other decorations are made in-house by Armin Strom. Edges are hand-bevelled wherever humanly possible, the balance bridges are skeletonised and circular-grained, and other bridges are hand-frosted, mirror polished, or perlaged. And note the grainy texture on the winding bridge on the right: an exquisite example of tremblage.

The open-worked backside has undergone significant technical development, showing off the crown wheel’s improved ratchet mechanism (which gives the click-click sound when you wind the watch). The back side also carries “the pin”, Armin Strom’s seal of origin. This has been engraved with “Horomariobro”, the Armin Strom symbol and a unique serial number in the limited edition, before being matt finished, hand-bevelled and circular-grained.

Guide Price
CHF 53,000
Limited Edition of 10 pieces
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